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fish of the coral reefs
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Undercurrent.org, the Private, Exclusive Guide for Serious Divers Since 1975
The Independent, Nonprofit Guide for Serious Divers Since 1975

Since 1975, Undercurrent, a nonprofit organization, has published a monthly, subscription-only, ad-free newsletter, with travel reviews -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- by undercover correspondents, the latest on safety, accidents, and divers deaths (what divers must do to dive safely), equipment issues and problems, and features on tipping protocol ... ensuring ocean rescue ... dive insurance shortcomings ... liability lawsuits ... using that safety sausage properly ... problems with online booking agents ... which resorts and liveaboards fail our standards . . . .everything a serious traveling diver needs to know.

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Isla Marisol, Glover's Reef, 07/2019

Is this the most perfect island resort on the best reef in Belize? It's a place where divers are few but the fish are plenty. Our writer avows it may have the best diving in the whole of the Caribbean area. You can read-it-for-free here. ...   Read more >>

Killed by Sharks while Snorkeling with Pigs, 07/2019

Jordan Lindsey, a 21-year-old college student from Torrance, CA, was fatally attacked by sharks while snorkeling with pigs in the Bahamas, as her mother watched in horror. There are various theories as to why this tragedy happened. You can read-it-for-free here. ...   Read more >>

Prevent an Incident From Becoming a Crisis, 07/2019

If you've been diving for years, the underwater environment becomes familiar. We've forgotten the worries we had when we first learned. But the unexpected can happen in a hostile environment. Are you mentally equipped to tackle a problem before it becomes a crisis? You can read-it-for-free here. ...   Read more >>

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Bohio Dive Resort Report in Turks and Caicos
"Disappointing diving"
filed Jul 22, 2019 by Lisa Jabusch and Steve Nieters (Experience: 251-500 dives, 16 reports, Contributor )
3 stars

We always enjoy trying new places, but the diving here was really disappointing. Maybe it's because we spent 3 months last year in the... ... Read more

Aggressor Report in Red Sea/Southern Itenerary
"March Cold, Great Beauty"
filed Jul 21, 2019 by Alexander Armintor (Experience: 251-500 dives, 8 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
3 stars

Czech Airlines red eye from Prague direct to a Marsa Alam 07:30 arrival. Dockside at the Aggressor by probably 08:30, to find a problem... ... Read more

Bunaken Oasis Resort & Spa Report in Indonesia
"Great personalized diving and service"
filed Jul 20, 2019 by Steven Cohen (Experience: Over 1000 dives, 4 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars

The Bunaken Oasis Resort & Spa is approximately 3 years old.  The resort is built into the side of a mountain (so be prepared for some ... ... Read more

CoCo View Resort Report in Honduras/Roatan
"One of the best, if not the best all-inclusive dive resort visited."
filed Jul 19, 2019 by Kent O. Bonde (Experience: Over 1000 dives, 2 reports)
3 stars

One of the best, if not the best all-inclusive dive resorts we have visited. From the time you literally step off the plane in Roatan, ... ... Read more

Olympus Dive Center/Oceanana Report in The Continental USA/Graveyard of the Atlantic
filed Jul 18, 2019 by James Wise (Experience: 26-50 dives, 3 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars

This is an excellent experience! This isnít for everyone and has a few caveats. Caveats: 1: The weather is highly variable. I was booke... ... Read more

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