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fish of the coral reefs
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Undercurrent.org, the Private, Exclusive Guide for Serious Divers Since 1975
The Independent, Nonprofit Guide for Serious Divers Since 1975

Since 1975, Undercurrent, a nonprofit organization, has published a monthly, subscription-only, ad-free newsletter, with travel reviews -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- by undercover correspondents, the latest on safety, accidents, and divers deaths (what divers must do to dive safely), equipment issues and problems, and features on tipping protocol ... ensuring ocean rescue ... dive insurance shortcomings ... liability lawsuits ... using that safety sausage properly ... problems with online booking agents ... which resorts and liveaboards fail our standards . . . .everything a serious traveling diver needs to know.

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Undercurrent August Issue

Some Disappointment on the MV Spirit of Freedom, 08/2019

The dwarf minke whales turned up as promised, the reef sharks put on a show, the giant potato cod posed for photos; but our undercover contributor discovered it was a rather colorless experience at Osprey Reef on Queensland's GBR -- with disappointment not helped by the cramped conditions on board the boat. You can read-it-for-free here. ...   Read more >>

Flying After Diving?, 08/2019

It's commonly thought sensible for divers to give themselves a 24-hour surface interval before subjecting their bodies, loaded with nitrogen, to the reduced pressure of an aircraft's cabin, but some are not even aware of that. Research into diver's habits reveals the ill-informed includes many more divers than previously thought and, after a multi-dive trip, even 24-hours may not be sufficient to be safe from the symptoms of decompression illness. You can read-it-for-free here. ...   Read more >>

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Jack's Diving Locker/N/A Report in Hawaii/Kona, Big Island
"Comfortable, safe diving"
filed Aug 17, 2019 by Michael Kay (Experience: 101-250 dives, 5 reports, Reviewer )
3 stars

Second time diving with Jack's. Three two-tank dives. Each one left harbor at a relaxed 9:30 AM. Crew set up all gear on the 46' Kea Nu... ... Read more

Diving Planet Report in Colombia/Cartagena
"Not an Operation/Location for Experienced Divers"
filed Aug 17, 2019 by Steve Tulsky (Experience: 51-100 dives, 2 reports)
1 stars

We did Diving Planet's two-day trip to the Rosario Islands. We were not in Cartagena for the diving, but took advantage of the opportun... ... Read more

Dolphin Dive School Report in Indonesia/Lombok
"Great price, great DM, operation is average"
filed Aug 17, 2019 by Eileen J Councill (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 11 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
5 stars

This was dirt cheap diving. The dive operation has room for improvement, but not in safety or things that really matter. It's more prof... ... Read more

Scuba Club Cozumel Report in Cozumel and the Mexican Yucatan
"Cozumel with a side trip to Tulum"
filed Aug 17, 2019 by Peter Neubauer (Experience: Over 1000 dives, 2 reports)
3 stars

This was my forth trip to Cozumel over a twenty year time span. My wife had never been so I wanted to introduce her to the warm, clear... ... Read more

Tamarind Divers Report in Indonesia/Nusa Lembongan
"Superb Operation; we will return!"
filed Aug 17, 2019 by Eileen J Councill (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 11 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
5 stars

Tamarind was fabulous from the start to the end! They are a classy operation! They are totally organized in every way; Evy, the manager... ... Read more

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