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Last updated February 12, 2001

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Made Your Deposit ...
No More Jellyfish Stings
A New Mosquito Repellent?
Don't Forget
BC's, Fully Loaded
Slip in a Disc
Biting the Hand That Feeds

Made Your Deposit ... February 12 , 2001

In this issue of Undercurrent, we have a significant story on what happens if you cancel a trip and a dive resort doesn't return your deposit. Or, in a situation that can cost you even more, what happens when you get there and you don't find the place to your liking. We cite cases, with resort names, that aren't very encouraging. But one thing is for sure. You have heck of a lot better chance getting refunds you're entitled to if you have a reputable travel agency between you and a resort. Dive operations do a lot of business with dive travel agencies and can't afford to alienate them or their customers. One agency we at Undercurrent have used successfully several times is Island Dreams, in Houston Texas. They've always been efficient and helpful and their staff knows the resorts they represent. In fact, just a few months ago I was at a resort and met one of their staff who was sent there for a few days, she said, so she could experience the resort and diving first hand, so she could describe it clearly and accurately to potential customers. Those are the kinds of agents I like. Owner Ken Knezick, an avid diver himself, sends out a newsletter to email subscribers with deals he is offering. Island Dreams, Inc.(800) 346-6116 or (713) 973-9300,


No more jellyfish stings February 12 , 2001

As we reported previously, after ten years of research, Israeli scientists have come up with a lotion to protect against the stings of most jellyfish, anemones and corals. In tests, each volunteer touched a stinging jellyfish with a hand protected by the SafeSea lotion and with an unprotected hand. For all volunteers, the hand protected by SafeSea had no pain or skin irritation, whereas the unprotected hand developed pain and rash. Said to be effective against most jellyfish, sea lice, sea nettles, coral, and anemones it is has been combined with a sunblock and can be purchased by visiting their website, I informed the company, by the way, that Saturday the order form on the web was down, but they assured me Sunday it would soon be up and working. If you have problems, keep trying.

A new mosquito repellent? February 12 , 2001

Reader JoAnn Kobus (Surfside, Ca) "I heard mosquitos hate 'Bounce', the strips you put in the dryer to take away static cling. You put them in your pocket, pants cuff or pin on your clothing and mosquitoes stay away. I tried them while enjoying cocktails at sunset in Playa Del Carmen. I sprayed myself with DEET but the mosquitos landed anyway. I put Bounce strips by my feet and another one on my tank top. They buzzed around like crazy but never landed. I haven't been bitten in over a year.'

Don't forget February 12 , 2001

If you're about to take a trip and need more information, become an online Undercurrent member. For a few bucks, you'll have access to 6 years worth of articles and chapbook information, guaranteed to save you time, money and hassles on your next dive trip.

BC's, fully loaded February 12 , 2001

Our man at the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) show this year noted one unique product, the Mares Human Underwater Breathing life support system. It comes with a regulator, octopus, and inflator integrated into a specially made jacket-style BC, so that all the hoses are laced through interior restraining channels to keep them from snagging or dragging. The 'business end' of each device protrudes from its own special compartment for easy access. When ready to go, the diver simply attaches the HUB's first stage to a tank and straps on the jacket. The BC, regulators, inflator, etc. lists at $1795.

Slip in a disc February 12 , 2001

Ever wonder what to do with the dozens of CD ROMs you get in the mail asking you to subscribe to an Internet provider? A reader suggests slipping one into your BC pocket because the shiny surface can make an emergency signal mirror. They are small, light, and strong and might come in handy if your dive boat heads north and you head south in a stiff current.

Biting the hand that feeds February 12 , 2001

People who are fighting fish feeding in Florida argue that if you feed fish they'll turn on you. A British chef learned that in December when he was attacked by sharks at a British pub 60 miles from the ocean. He gave Miami, a black-tipped reef shark, a treat of prawns in the 3,000-gallon tank in the pub's restaurant. When Miami and two other sharks got a whiff, they charged and in seconds, the chef said, "the water was churning like a scene in 'Jaws'. Miami was hanging off my finger, and I was howling." At the hospital, they logged in Smith as a victim of a "shark attack," then released him he got six stitches. Since the sharks' arrival at the pub, the manager said, "seafood sales have gone up 40 percent."

-- Ben Davison, publisher

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