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Undercurrent has 10,000 paid subscribers. Our web site offers a wealth of free travel information for divers and it gets about 2,000,000 hits/month -- over 4,000 divers/day. Monthly, we send emails to over 30,000 divers referring them to our website.

You can reach these divers by purchasing a link on our website for less than $1/day.. That will place your links on the most prominent website pages for your chosen destination(s): on the area or country pages you select, on the corresponding reader reports pages for that destination, e.g. Indonesia Destination Guide and Indonesia Reader Reports (plus the members-only versions of those pages). Additionally we'll place your link on our list of preferred links.

NEW! For a limited time only you can also place an image with your text at NO additional cost. See our Costa Rica pages for a sample. Contact me for details. (Images need to fit in a 280x100 box and can be photos or animated gifs.)

There is no more cost effective way to spend your money. Putting your ad in front of Undercurrent divers only costs about $20/month ($149 for 6 months, $269 for a year plus a bonus month) -- see complete listing of fees below.

Sign up and we'll throw in a free Online Membership to our site giving you full access to all of our back issues, Chapbooks, the Divers' Forum, and Reader Reports, a $40/year value.

Special Bonus Offer: If you will place a prominent link on your site to a relevant page of Undercurrent's, we'll also put your link on all Instant Reader Reports for that destination. You can add this link at a later time and tell us you did it and we'll add the extra links for you.

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  • In keeping with Undercurrent's style, your copy is to be honest and straightforward. and not contain "hype" -- make it factual and informative.
  • We may edit your copy, and if so we will show you the edited copy before we run it.  If for any reason we decide not to accept your link, we will refund your money.

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The top level travel pages:-- cost: $1,000/six-months, $1,500 for one year for both pages

Area Index  pages: -- cost $300/six-months,$450/1 year per page or less
Greater Caribbean Index Central & Western Pacific Index Eastern Pacific Index Indian Ocean Index Mediterranean & Red Sea Index

Individual Dive Destination and Reader Report Pages: -- cost less than $25/month per dive destination
Your link will appear on your chosen dive destination pages AND the corresponding reader report pages for that destination, e.g. Cozumel Dive Destination Guide and Cozumel Reader Reports in both the public and members-only areas. Additionally we will list it on our Preferred Links page. These are the primary pages our readers visit to research any dive destination.
Greater Caribbean Index
Anguilla Antigua Aruba Bahamas Barbados
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Cozumel Cuba Curaçao Dominica Dominican Republic
Grenada St. Vincent and the Grenadines Guadeloupe Honduras Jamaica
Mexico (Caribbean) Nicaragua Puerto Rico Saba St. Barth
St. Eustatius St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Maarten/ St. Martin Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos USA (Continental) Venezuela Virgin Islands
Central/Western Pacific:
Australia Cook Islands Fiji French Polynesia Guam
Hawaii Indonesia Japan Kiribati (ChristmasIsland) Malaysia
Micronesia New Zealand Niue Papua New Guinea Philippines
Solomon Islands Tonga Vanuatu
Eastern Pacific:
Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Galapagos Islands
Mexico (Western) Panama
Indian Ocean:
Africa Burma India Indonesia (NA*) Malaysia
Maldives Oman Seychelles Thailand United Arab Emirates
Red Sea and Mediterranean:
Mediterranean Spain Red Sea
NA* -- Sorry, these countries have reached the limit of links available
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* Pricing for putting Featured Links on our Dive Destination pages,:

Price for each link on a dive destionaion
# of Dive Destination Links     Yearly Rate per destination Link 6 month rate per destination link
1 $269 $149
2-5 $229 $129
6-10 $209 $119
11 or more $179 $109
all 68 destinations $6000 $4000
Example: Putting one links on all our Indonesia pages for one year costs you $269.
If you were to also choose Philippines or put two links on Indonesia, the total cost would be 2 * $229 for all.


Per page charge for links on area index pages (e.g. Caribbean, Central/West Pacific)
# of Area Index Page links Yearly Rate per index page link Six month rate per index page link
1 $450 $300
2-4 $340 $225
all 5 pages $1,500 $1,000

Charge for links on World index pages
# of World Index Page links Yearly Rate for both pages Six month rate for both pages
1 $1500 $1000