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Underwater photography

Paradise Lost

I recently bought a GoPro camera and accessories and was dismayed at the amount of packaging I had to discard, much of it plastic. Even buying routine groceries, fruit and vegetables in plastic wrapping results in a full load of…

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How to Get Clear Sharp Pictures Underwater

There are some basic rules to getting clear sharp pictures, whether it be video or stills, while under water because it is the water that ruins so many good photographic opportunities. Firstly, the clearest water is not clear. Well, it’s not…

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Bikini Protest

I was on a palm-fringed island in the Maldives when I saw two girls, both instructors with the dive centre at Vilamendhoo, coming in from the beach and looking happy in their bikinis. One, Leila, was Swiss married to a…

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In the Name of Science

We just returned from two dive trips where the focus was on soft science.  In Lembeh we hosted a nudibranch workshop with David Behrens.  Our group identified over 200 species in 10 days.  Dr. Mark Erdmann and Dr. Gerry Allen…

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