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Certified Solo Diver

In 1990 I had a story published in Michael Menduno’s  aquaCorp Journal. Michael is a pioneer of Technical Diving for sports divers, and is credited with coining the term “Technical Diving” or “Tec Diving”. We all know what the term…

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Wisdom and Youth

The confidence of youth is wonderful. We’ve all been there, but I, for one, must have been insufferable! It was Sir Isaac Newton who said, towards the end of his illustrious career, that he felt he had been merely playing…

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What’s Better: DIN or A-clamp?

The international A-clamp fitting enabling a regulator to be connected to a tank was once ubiquitous at diving centers worldwide, but recently the German DIN fitting appears to becoming more popular. When it comes to buying a new regulator, the…

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Burning Question

If there is anything wrong with the leisure diving industry, it’s the way the owners of one business will rejoice when another suffers some sort of disaster. It’s as if their success is relative to the failure of another. Nobody…

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