Bret Gilliam’s Protocol for In-Water Recompression at Remote Dive Sites

Presentation of DCI Problems If a diver surfaces and reports any signs or symptoms of decompression illness (DCI), they should immediately be evaluated against the list of DCI symptoms and equipped for re-entry into the water as quickly as possible. Be certain that the victim is functionally responsive, mentally aware, and capable of answering questions … Read more

Take My Breath Away…No Just Kidding, Give It Back!

by Jennifer Sylvester The importance of breath work in our everyday lives cannot be emphasized enough.  The involuntary, and gratuitous, act of breathing air translates to inhaling a mixture of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% argon and other trace gasses.  It is an unconscious gesture to be on the earth’s surface, going about our various … Read more

Stop Captive Dolphin Shows

One would think that with Sea World deciding to end its orca captive breeding program, that freedom for the dolphin and other cetaceans would be trending up. But not so, since when it comes to unbridled capitalism, anything that makes money is ok unless wise citizens like us rise up and stop it. And here … Read more