Into the Deep

Just as a drive through some inner city areas might prompt a bit of defensive driving and safety precautions, your jump off the back of the boat into the deep should inspire some defensive “diving” and a solid understanding of the most identifiable potential hazards. Let’s take a short look at the usual suspects you … Read more

Lost in Translation

The diving experience is made up of a number of things. Just getting there at times involves days of transit via airplanes (some of dubious provenance), overnights in bizarre accommodations definitely not in the Travel & Leisure Top Ten, equally questionable local taxis or buses, and occasionally watercraft making the last connection that evokes memories … Read more

Isn’t Diving Wonderful?

What’s the most interesting animal you’ve met while diving? Is it the whale shark or the pigmy seahorse? Is it the octopus of the leopard seal? I’ll tell you my favourite and it’s one of the most difficult, if nigh on impossible to predict creatures you’ll ever come across. It’s the human being. I recently … Read more