Submersible Stress!

There is really nothing new about deep diving submersible vehicles. Ed Link and other innovators dreamed up models back in the 1960s that seemed like they were excerpted from the pages of a Jules Verne novel. Originally, these subs were employed in pioneering oceanographic and scientific projects and were responsible for opening doors to the … Read more

Demystifying Recompression Chambers

Many divers have seen a chamber either in photographs or in real life, but very few have ever had occasion to be in one unless they were being treated.  As a result a certain “mystique” has developed about chambers and many divers regard them as hostile and menacing environments.  Briefly, we would like to acquaint … Read more

Approach Post-DCS Therapy With Care

Despite notable advances by various medical insurers and professional organizations, recompression treatment and, even more so,  hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)  remain open to abuse by uninformed, unqualified and unscrupulous practitioners. The following inquiry I received a while back is a prime example: **** Dear Doc, My friend was treated for DCI in Belize. He complained … Read more