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The Editor's Book Picks
The Best of the Dive Books for Serious Divers

A portion of the profits from any books ordered
will be donated to preserve coral reefs.


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Complete List of Diving Books

Prices indicated below are valid at the time of posting, though may change them.

Scuba Caribbean Scuba Caribbean
by Mary L. Peachin

This is the guidebook I wish I had when I first dived the Caribbean. Peachin, who also wrote The Complete Idiots Guide to Sharks, wrote Scuba Caribbean for traveling divers to find the best destinations for their skills, interests and pocketbooks. In her 30 years as a globe-trotting diver, she has visited nearly every Caribbean dive destination. And as an Undercurrent subscriber and contributor, she used Undercurrent articles and reports as a source for this book. She knows where the truth lies.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Sharks The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sharks
by Mary L. Peachin

One of the best, easily readable books on all facets of sharks. Long time diver Mary Peachin covers their anatomy, their sexual habits, their migration patterns, their hunting and feeding, and their need for protection from predators -- they have seen the enemy and it is us. Great for beginning divers. Softbound, 334 pages, $13.27.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Step Zero Step Zero
by Dennis Adams and Cathy and Peter Swan

Getting Started on a Scuba Photo Trip; Seven days on an underwater photography trip to a resort or on a liveaboard requires twice as many days to plan and organize, so if you havent done it completely and correctly you can waste a bundle of time and money and shed buckets of tears over missed shots. Not only does this 80 page book by Dennis Adams and Cathy and Peter Swan provide a full 17 page checklist of everything you will need to travel and shoot, but it provides an orderly planning and procurement schedule and scores of insider's tips. Its an essential book for anyone planning a first time photo safari, but just as useful for any of us who have spent a week kicking ourselves about leaving home that one crucial item and having to beg, borrow and jury rig while out of the water missing that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity below.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Sea Salt: Memoirs and Essays Sea Salt: Memories and Essays
by Stan Waterman

Waterman tops the list of America’s best representatives of scuba diving and underwater videography, and Peter Benchley, the deceased Jaws author and one of Waterman’s best friends, has said this about his excellent book: “Hang on, because when Stan recounts scenes from the filming of the classic 1971 documentary feature film, Blue Water, White Death, you'll be there beside him ... There is excitement enough in his encounters with wild animals and weird people to fill a hundred lives and all their fantasies. The thoughtful, graceful writing sets the book a full step above most memoirs about the sea." 288 pages with 32 pages of photographs, hardbound, $30 list price

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die
by Chris Santella

In this new book, edited by Chris Santella, a bevy of well-known divers wax about 50 top dive destinations, most of which are on everyones list. The descriptions are brief and to the point, just enough to help you decide whether to do more research. Divers will agree on most choices (what, no Red Sea? And there are better places for whale sharks than Utila) with Indonesia getting the most selections (5) But there are Australia and Fiji, Cayman and Costa Rica, and even plenty of cold water spots: British Columbia, Washington State, the UK and New Zealand. The perfect book to stimulate your fantasies. 224 pages, hardbound, $24.95 listed price.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and youll get Amazons best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Yoga for Scuba Divers Yoga for Scuba Divers
by Kimberlee Jensen Stedl and Todd Stedl

These married divers and yoga practitioners say yoga can help reduce your air consumption, improve your flexibility and buoyancy control, and make you a more proficient diver. In this book, the Stedls describe and photograph the yoga poses that work best for divers and explain why theyre beneficial. They also give details for breathing exercises, and visualization techniques to prepare for tough dives. All the exercises can be done anywhere theres space to roll out a yoga mat. Paperback, 128 pages, 9 x 6 inches, $12.95.

Order here to get the best price from Amazon, and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

dive in style book Dive in Style
by Tim Simond

: This is a beautiful a well-presented 288-page hardbound book, with 743 photographs, will help you pick from among 22 luxury resorts and four liveaboards. Author Tim Simond offers a discerning menu of beautiful, sometimes stunning, destinations where one can expect the service of a Four Seasons Hotel -in fact, he includes the Four Seasons liveaboard in the Maldives - while getting well-cared for when diving. From Lizard Island in Australia to Little Palm Island in Florida, Mozambique to Mexico, and Costa Rica to the Caribbean, here is solid information and descriptive photos of destinations for well-heeled dive travelers. $40
Click here to order.

Physiology and Medicine of Diving Bennett and Elliott's Physiology and Medicine of Diving
Edited by Alf Brubakk and Tom Neuman

Here is the "bible" of diving medicine. This fifth edition, published last year, is the first in a decade. Featuring thirty chapters, this 779-page book focuses on the physiological basis of safe diving, the pathogenesis of diving illnesses, and the clinical diagnosis and management of related disorders. Diving methods, pressure effects, decompression, and long- term effects receive particular attention, but ventilation, thermal considerations, drowning, accident investigation, and diving equipment are also discussed. Edited by Alf Brubakk and Tom Neuman, the book has 45 international expert contributors. The price is $149. Order through us, get's best price and part of the profit will be donated to preserve coral reefs.

A Divers Guide to Reef Life A Diver's Guide to Reef Life
by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari

The newest addition to our must-read list is A Diver's Guide to Reef Life by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari. This 418-page colorful reference guide has 1,300 excellent color photographs of tropical marine species in reefs worldwide. The authors, married marine photographers, also give tips for better underwater photos. This hardcover book's list price is $55 but if you order this or any of our dive book picks through Undercurrent, you'll get's best price, plus we'll donate the profit to save coral reefs. ... ordering here

My Underwater Photo Journey My Underwater Photo Journey
by Cathy Church

Cathy Church’s how-to books and the numerous articles she’s published in Skin Diver over the years, along with her renowned underwater photo centre at Sunset House on Grand Cayman, have secured her place as a teacher of U/W photography. But her new large-format, hardbound book, My Underwater Photo Journey, exhibits Cathy Church the photographic artist. It’s a beautiful display of the U/W world as seen through her experienced eye. While the beauty of the photos is reason enough to put this book on your coffee table, there’s a bonus: an online site that allows you to access additional commentary and photo tips, making the book an excellent work of art that also instructs. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ivan seems to have set back the addition of some of the online information, so the web material is a work in process. All profits from the sale of this book go to protect the underwater realm. 145 pages and 144 plates, including some excellent black and white photos, $39.95.

The Devil's Teeth: a true story of Obsession and Survival among America's Great White Sharks:
by Susan Casey

Perhaps the greatest gathering of great white sharks in the world is at the Farallon islands, 26 miles from San Francisco. Researchers have tracked and studied them for years and at least one diver still collects sea urchins in the midst of their gatherings. Journalist Susan Casey lived on these barren islands to write a fascinating, awe-struck account of the sharks, their amazing behavior, their killing strategies, their long distance travels, and life with the researchers. Click on this Undercurrent link to purchase the 304-page, hardbound, The Devil's Teeth at's best price, and all our proceeds will go to coral reef conservation.

No Safe Harbor: The Tragedy of the Dive Ship Wave Dancer
by Joe Burnworth

On October 8, 2001, Peter Hughes Wave Dancer capsized during Hurricane Iris, killing seventeen American divers and three local residents. Moored next to the Wave Dancer, the Belize Aggressor, weathered the storm. Aboard the Aggressor was Joe Burnworth, who after the tragedy spent many months interviewing participants and researching the story, to produce this well-written yet chilling account of a tragedy that could have -- and should have -- been prevented. Opportunities arose for the Captain to head to shore, to disembark his passengers, to save his ship, but he dallied too long, his cavalier attitude getting him deeper in trouble. The crew argues, the divers are told not to worry, and eventually the Dancer reaches its last refuge in Big Creek Harbor. Burnworth is at his best describing the fury of the storm and the tragedy itself - the panicking crew, lines ripping from the dock, unsecured heavy equipment sliding across the deck, a 140-mile/hour wind and a 14-foot storm surge ramming the boat, and passengers slammed off walls in the salon, then struggling to survive as the Dancer capsizes, quickly filling with water. Every diver ought to read this book, not just for the story's power, but for the lessons to be learned. 224-page, hardbound. Click here to order.

New! also available in paperback. Click here to order.

Sharks of the World
by Leonard Compagno, Marc Dando, Sarah Fowler

Sharks of the World: The first field guide that covers all known shark species. This well-produced 368 page book has 125 full-color illustrations for fast identification, with more than 500 additional drawings illustrating physical features, as well as details of size, habitat, behavior, and biology. Published in April, it's a must for all shark watchers. Purchase it at and you'll get a discounted price and the profits will go to coral reef preservation. 480 pages; list price $29.95; order now and pay only $19.77.

Open Water Open Water
Starring by: Saul Stein, Blanchard Ryan, Directed by: Chris Kentis

It's "Jaws" meets "The Blair Witch Project" when a vacationing couple on a scuba diving expedition accidentally gets left behind and must fend for themselves in shark-infested waters. The movie, directed by Chris Kentis, features unknown actors and was filmed on a shoestring budget, sans camera tricks or mechanical man-eaters. The circling sharks you see are … real! "Open Water" was inspired by a real-life account reported in the pages of Undercurrent. Order now and you not only get the best price Amazon has to offer, but 100% of the profits go to benefit coral reefs.

An American Underwater Odyssey An American Underwater Odyssey: 50 Dives in 50 States
: by Charles Ballinger.

Underwater Odyssey is the story of a scuba diving safari to every state in America. Tired of touring coral reefs, the author embarks on a year-long quest to discover the incredible assortment of adventure diving found in our nation's backyard. His dogged determination to follow his dreams and explore everything from flooded missile sites to abandoned mines should be an inspiration for any diver. Underwater Odyssey transcends the limits of a dive guide to reveal the broader adventure that diving provides.
Order through us, get Amazon.coms best price and some of the profit will be donated to preserve coral reefs.

Shadow Divers Shadow Divers: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II
by Robert Kurson

Janet Maslin, writing in The New York Times, says that "Kurson's new book features undersea thrills, a gripping mystery, incredible discoveries, true-blue friendship, life-or-death crises, and history unfolding before the reader's eyes. ... Written with great you-are-there intensity and dynamic verve." "It is one thing, wreck divers will tell you, to slither in near-total darkness through a shipwreck's twisted, broken mazes, each room a potential trap of swirling silt and collapsing structure," Mr. Kurson writes with typical brio. "It is another to do so without knowing that someone did it before you and lived." A U-boat discovered at 230 feet off of New Jersey in 1991 is the setting for this thrilling adventure, where divers on compressed air fight narcosis, ripping currents, bad visibility - and themselves. Perhaps the best dive adventure ever, this book is so compelling that Hollywood has already purchased the filming rights for $1,000,000. You can order this book through us, and we will share the profit to preserve coral reefs.
Illustrated/Hardcover. 375 pages, price: $17.79.

Hawaii's Sea Creatures, a Guide to Hawaii's Marine Invertebrates
by John P. Hoover.

This is the book for identifying Hawaiian marine invertebrates. A sequel to author-photographer John Hoover's best-selling Hawaii's Fishes, it leads the reader deeper into the undersea realm with about 600 gorgeous color photos of lobsters, shrimps, crabs, snails, nudibranchs, octopuses, corals, anemones, worms, sea stars, and a host of other lesser-known creatures encountered by divers in Hawaii are here. As in his fish ID book, Hoover provides scientific, common and Hawaiian names for each animal, and a generous paragraph or more detailing its natural history, ecologyand, cultural importance. $23.95. 6" x 9" Softcover ©1999.

Sea of Cortez Marine Animals
by Daniell W. Gotshall, Daniel Gotshal.

It's just the book you'll need to identify critters anywhere along Mexico's Pacific Coast, all the way to Panama. Any other ID book just doesn't cover the creatures here. Dan Gotshall, a marine biologist with 34 years research experience, has more the 250 photos of fish, corals, nudibranchs, lobsters, sea stars and other critters endemic to these waters. For each animal there are tips how to identify and where to spot it. Paper, 110 pages, $20.95.

Diving Cozumel Diving Cozumel ... Cayman Islands ... Belize ... Bahamas ... Bay Islands ... Bonaire ... Bermuda ... British Virgin Islands ... Hawaii ... Micronesia
by Speck, Garoutte, Middleton, Cancelmo, Strohofer, Lewbel, Martin, Douglass, Verdure, Rosenberg, Hanauer...

No matter where you are headed, the Aqua Quest Books covering your destination are the only way to supplement Undercurrent's hardhitting critical information. Each of these books describes specific dive sites, depths and location, shore diving entries, the critters you'll see, local history and customs, places of interests. Take one as you travel or buy one after you return for the memories. Scores of excellent colorful pictures and maps supplement each of these 7x10 paperback 128 page books.

Diving the World Diving the World: Photography by Norbert Wu
by Norbert Wu & Ken McAlpine

Diving the World is a whopper of a new book by Norbert Wu, one of the world's preeminent underwater photographers. In this just-issued, 384-page book, Wu displays a gallery of fascinating images from the world's most beautiful dive location, from the well-trodden California coast to the remote outposts of Antarctica and the tropical shores of lesser known locales including the Revillagigedo Islands, Palau, and French Polynesia.

Ken McAlpine's colorful and informative text provides an honest appraisal of everything a serious diver needs to know along Wu's photographic journey: the best seasons for diving, unique aspects of the geography and sea life found, popular dive destinations within a specific locale, suggestions for getting there, the best time and places for extraordinary species and behaviors, as well as topside tips. Three hundred and fifty color photographs from more than 30 locations illustrate the wonder and diversity that can be found under the sea, from frolicking sea otters to freshwater jellyfish to bad-tempered sharks and coral communities bursting with color. Wu has the unique ability to capture the mood and personality - whether whimsical or fearsome - of his subjects.

This is a splendid book, a must for every serious diver and a great prize for anyone on your holiday gift list. 14x12 inches. Order through us, get's best price and a large chunk of the profit will be donated to preserve coral reefs.


World Atlas of Coral Reefs
by Mark D. Spalding, Corinna Ravilious, Edmund P. Green, United Nations World Conservation Monitoring Center.

If there is one book that belongs in every traveling diver's library, this is it. The superb World Atlas of Coral Reefs has everything you want to know about the reefs from Costa Rica and Cuba to the Coral Sea and Cayman. The information is specific and up to date. The photos, maps and layout superb. And the price, for this 424 page, full color, hard bound volume, is a steal at $31.50

The Atlas was released in September by the United Nations World Conservation Monitoring Center to document and conserve the world's coral reefs. Clearly written with divers in mind, it's an invaluable resource for global travelers. Here's what you'll find.

  • 94 maps, including global maps of biodiversity and reef stresses, regional maps showing 3-D bathymetry and high resolution maps showing reefs, mangroves, population centers, dive centers and protected areas.
  • 280 color photographs, showing reefs, wildlife, people and places, Including 84 photographs taken from space by Shuttle astronauts.
  • Text explaining the formation, structure and ecology of coral reefs; their various uses and abuses at the hands of humans; and the techniques used in coral reef mapping.
  • Detailed texts describing the distribution and status of coral reefs in every country.
  • Data tables listing information on biodiversity, human use, and protected areas. These include statistics on coral reef area, biodiversity, fish consumption, and threats.

For example, you can learn about pollution damage to the reefs at Providenciales and the lack of human impact, as well. Or, where extensive bleaching took place in Honduras 1998. You'll read that Milne Bay in Papua New Guineas has the most extensive reef system in that country and where, in Fiji, the bumphead parrotfish and tridachna clams will not be found, thanks to overfishing. Order now.

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Complete List of Diving Books

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