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Are You Too Old to Dive?, 11/2014

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Many Undercurrent readers are veteran divers who have been around the block, but "veteran" could also be code for a "senior" diver. While most of you are still plenty fit for diving and rarin' to go to remote parts of the globe for your underwater fix, are there some dive operators who think divers over "a certain age" are just too old to dive?...  Read more >

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Compass Point, Grand Cayman: an East End resort for serious divers
Red Sea Aggressor: big critters provide bang for the buck
Visit Egypt now? Yes, and here's why
Why tropical fish are headed for the ends of the earth
How you can dive with a "Shadow Diver," or in a Las Vegas show
Smartphone apps to add before your next dive trip
A shady operator sent to prison for a diver's death
How to evaluate the safety of your tank on a dive trip overseas
Are you too old to dive in some dive shops' opinion?
• and much more

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Papua Paradise Eco Resort Report in Indonesia
"#1 on divers' bucket list"
filed Nov 23, 2014 by Connie Bowling (Experience: 251-500 dives, 4 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars

This is a 2 hour fast boat ride from Sorong. Resort is very accommodating with airline arrivals and has a rep waiting for you at airpor... ... Read more

Undersea Hunter Report in Costa Rica/Cocos Island
"Pre El Nino Dive Trip to Cocos Island: Great trip, limited prospects"
filed Nov 23, 2014 by David Welch (Experience: Over 1000 dives)
4 stars

I took advantage of a sudden cancellation to take this trip, which had been on my bucket list. The bottom line is that this is a well-... ... Read more

Siladen Resort and Spa Report in Indonesia
"Healthy coral and good wall dives"
filed Nov 23, 2014 by Connie Bowling (Experience: 251-500 dives, 4 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars

In Bunaken Marine Park, this small island has a full service dive resort. Dive here for the beautiful coral and sponges. Great reef fi... ... Read more

Lembeh Resort Report in Indonesia/Lembeh Strait
"Fabulous diving and will return"
filed Nov 23, 2014 by Connie Bowling (Experience: 251-500 dives, 4 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars

Rooms were spacious with plenty of room to spread out camera equipment and computer. Outdoor Balinese bathroom, A/C, huge bedroom, and ... ... Read more

Little Cayman Beach Resort Report in Cayman Islands/Little Cayman Island
"Comfort Diving: A Destination for the Not Too Adventurous"
filed Nov 23, 2014 by Terry Rudden (Experience: 501-1000 dives)
5 stars

Contributing a trip report on a mainstream dive destination like Little Cayman Island to Undercurrents feels a bit like submitting a re... ... Read more

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Editor's Pick of the month

Deep Deep
by James Nestor

My fellow divers, I can't imagine that anyone who has had a chance to slip below the surface and marvel at the life there won't find this a fascinating read. James Nestor, a fine journalist (he has written for Outside, Men's Journal and the New York Times) with a keen eye, has produced the best underwaterfocused book since Shadow Divers a decade ago. It's a fine adventure and a thrilling ride all the way from the surface down to 28,000 feet, and back.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Trapped Under the Sea Trapped Under the Sea;
One Engineering Marvel, Five Men, and a Disaster Ten Miles into the Darkness

by Neil Swidey

In 1999, hundreds of feet under the ocean, five divers traveled to the end of the new Boston sewer tunnel - devoid of light and air - to complete the construction; one didn't return and another was sentenced to a life of trauma-induced drug addiction and prison. It was a "dry penetration," but commercial divers were selected for the job because they were trained in mixed gas technology and could handle construction in dark and dangerous circumstances. Neil Swidey, a staff writer for the Boston Globe, tells the compelling tale of the harrowing and deadly task, against the backdrop of bravery, corporate greed, political infighting and construction incompetence. A great book for mixed gas divers.

Click below to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Formats: Hard Cover | Paperback | Kindle Edition

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