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Undercurrent current issue

Undercurrent Current Issue

Sea Hunter, Cocos Island, Costa Rica, 04/2014

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Sea Hunter, Cocos Island: "I caught up with the rest of my dive group, and minutes later, a ten-foot-long, heavy-bodied Galapagos shark circled us a couple of times. While this might be the beginning of a neophyte’s nightmare, it was exactly why I returned to dive remote Cocos Island." ...  Read more >

Tax-Deductible Cocos Dive Trips, and Others Around the World, 04/2014

Our Cocos Island writer visited there before on trips to help environmental not-for-profits monitor the health of sharks and turtles. You can do the same thing -- and possible get a tax writeoff as well. Read our list of dive trips done for good causes, and what you can do to get a tax deduction ...  Read more >

The Decline of Dive Training: Part II, 04/2014

The Decline of Good Dive Training: Part II -- Here’s the second piece of dive veteran Bret Gilliam’s two-part story on dive training and where it’s headed, both for better and for worse ...  Read more >


Subscribers can download the current issueFrom the April issue, Subscribers and Members can download the entire issue or individual articles
and read about:

Sea Hunter, Costa Rica: squadrons of sharks, one bent diver
Tax-deductible dive trips to take around the world
Hollis recalls some Explorer rebreather models
Pesky politics in Mexico, squirrely harbormasters in Indonesia
Should you worry about the dengue outbreak in Fiji?
Bret Gilliam's second piece in his two-parter about the decline of good dive training
Legal charges scuttle Buddy DIve's liveaboards in the Galapagos
Why do divers avoid gas-integrated computer transmitters?
Divers plus lionfish equals food to sharks
How freediving is to diving what snowboarding was to skiing
• and much more

Read a sample issue:
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Latest Reader Reports

from the serious divers who read Undercurrent
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Islamorada Dive Center/Postcard Inn Report in The Continental USA/Islamorada, FL
filed Apr 18, 2014 by Michael L Lewis (experience 251-500 dives)
3 stars

Bottomline: great service, fairly safe operation (they allow spearfishing on the same boats as diving/snorkeling). Bad environmental practices--the divemasters pick-up various... ... Read more

Islamorada Dive Center/Postcard Inn Report in The Continental USA/Islamorada, FL
filed Apr 18, 2014 by Michael L Lewis (experience 251-500 dives)
3 stars

Bottomline: great service, fairly safe operation (they allow spearfishing on the same boats as diving/snorkeling). Bad environmental practices--the divemasters pick-up various... ... Read more

Thresher SharkDivers/Tepanee Resort Report in Philippines/Malapascua
filed Apr 17, 2014 by Jim Willoughby (experience Over 1000 dives)
3 stars

Although we were very well aware of the fact that Malapascua had suffered from significant damage after typhoon Yolanda, we were led to believe that there was little to no dam... ... Read more

Kasawari Lembeh Report in Indonesia/Lembeh Strait
filed Apr 17, 2014 by Rickie Sterne/Chrisanda Butto (experience Over 1000 dives)
3 stars

We were grateful divers when we arrived at Kasawari Lembeh Resort and delighted divers when we left. Our gratitude is explained by events of last fall. We had been sche... ... Read more

Tres Pelicanos/my house Report in Cozumel and the Mexican Yucatan
filed Apr 17, 2014 by Tom Carlson (experience Over 1000 dives)
5 stars

I've known the staff who run the dive shop, work as Dive Masters and support for about five years now. In the past I typically did my recreational diving with another operator... ... Read more

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NOAA Diving Manual, 5th Edition. NOAA Diving Manual, 5th Edition.

For years, the NOAA Diving Manual has been a mainstay in the library of every professional diver and plenty of us serious divers, too. Hands down, it is the industry's major, unbiased diving reference. Last published in 2001, it has now been updated into the all-new Fifth Edition. With 875 full-color pages, it's the most detailed diving reference book available, yet written in lay language for all divers to thoroughly understand and enjoy.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Other Book Picks

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Buddy Dive Shut Down in the Galapagos, 02/14
Divers Who Get Lost at Sea, 02/14
Lionfish: The Caribbean Endgame, 02/14
Travel Tips & Helpful Dive Hints: Part I, 01/14
This Dive Resort is Taking a Stand, 01/14
Husband Sues PADI for Wife's Death from Carbon Monoxide, 01/14
The Fight to Stop Seahorse Photography, 11/2013
Can a Diver with Heart Issues Have an Accidental Death?, 10/2013
I’m Offended by This!, 10/2013
The Disappearing Recompression Chamber, 09/2013
SeaQuest Dive Center, Philippines, 08/2013
Shark Baiting and Feeding, 07/2013
Problems with Weight Pockets, 06/2013
Lionfish Update: The Good and Bad News, 05/2013
What to Tip on Your Next Dive Trip, 05/2013
Camera Housing Leak Tests, 04/2013
Humans Have Changed Stingrays' Ways, 04/2013
Kasai Village, Cebu, Philippines, 03/2013
Cedar Beach Ocean Lodge, B.C., Canada, 02/2013
Diving in “Shark-Infested” Waters, 02/2013
Death in Belize from Exploding Tanks, 01/2013
A 24-Hour Sea Hunt Marathon, 01/2013
Need a New Wetsuit?, 11/2012
Who Is That Masked Man?, 11/2012
Atomic Aquatics Recalls 4,200 Dive Computers in North America, 10/2012
Is This Dive Operator Right or Wrong? 10/2012
Jardines de la Reina, Cuba, 09/2012
Is a Caribbean Cruise for Serious Divers?, 09/2012
An Insider’s Tips on Bonaire, 08/2012
CO Poisoning Risk Higher Than You Think, 07/2012
Why You Might Remove Your Regulator When You Shouldn't, 06/2012
DEMA Versus the National Ocean Policy, 06/2012
The Skinny on No-See-Ums, 9/07

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Can coral polyps grow in your skin?
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