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Aldora Divers, Cozumel, Mexico, 05/2017
There are many dive centers in Mexico's Cozumel, but this month our undercover diver visits Aldora Divers. Not only does he get to enjoy concierge diving in a bid to visit some of the area's best reefs; he avoids the faux-Mexican eateries more familiar to Americans searching out the places where the locals go to eat. "Aldora Divers, concierge diving in Cozumel" is free-to-read on the month's   Read more >


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S/Y Indo Siren Report in Indonesia/Papua
"Good liveaboard with great crew and incredibly diverse diving"
filed May 25, 2017 by Joel Snyder (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 18 reports, Contributor )
5 stars

We boarded the Indo Siren in Sorong, a 3-hour flight from Jakarta to Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), the Indonesian province that comprise... ... Read more

Kungkungan Bay Resort Report in Indonesia/N. Sulawesi
"Great muck diving in a lovely location with fantastic staff"
filed May 25, 2017 by Joel Snyder (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 18 reports, Contributor )
5 stars

Flying to Manado is the hard part: there are direct flights from Jakarta (about 3 hours) and Singapore (also 3 hours), but airline sche... ... Read more

Nai'a Fiji Report in Fiji and Tuvalu
"A windy time on the Nai'a"
filed May 25, 2017 by Mark Rosenstein (Experience: Over 1000 dives, 15 reports, Contributor )
5 stars

This was my twelfth trip aboard the Nai'a, my favorite liveaboard in the world. While the diving is great, and the boat is well laid-o... ... Read more

Beqa Lagoon Resort Report in Fiji and Tuvalu/Beqa
"Beqa Lagoon Shark Diving"
filed May 25, 2017 by Mark Rosenstein (Experience: Over 1000 dives, 15 reports, Contributor )
3 stars

This place is all about the shark dives. Too bad they only run them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and charge extra for those dives. ... ... Read more

Big Animals Expeditions/Anchorage Hotel & Dive Centre Report in Dominica/Roseau
"Dominica Sperm Whales"
filed May 23, 2017 by Gregg Backemeyer (Experience: Over 1000 dives, 6 reports, Reviewer )
3 stars

We had no sperm whales for the first 4 days. Very disappointing. We did have false killer whales day 1 and pilot whales day 2. Spora... ... Read more

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Editor's Pick of the month

Diving in Southeast Asia Diving in Southeast Asia
by Sarah Ann Wormald

There was a time when every American diver automatically headed to the Caribbean, but more recently the lure of the burgeoning marine life, the colorful corals and the inexpensive cost of living of Southeast Asia is drawing more divers to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Diving in Southeast Asia provides a useful starting point for planning a trip. It provides maps spotting the locations of sites and brief tabulated summaries for quick reference. Every page is adorned with a colorful picture generally taken underwater. From marine life suitable for super-macro cameras to WWII wrecks draped in corals, from whale sharks to pigmy seahorses, it's all covered.

This book also provides a comprehensive section that deals with practicalities such as ways of getting there, where to stay, what to eat and who to dive with. The list of contributors to the text is a veritable Who's Who of experts on Asian diving.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

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