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XTC Dive Center, Xcalak, Mexico, 11/2015

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"My latest trip of a lifetime, in theory, was to be a "close-in quickie." I would fly to Cancun with a group of friends, take a van to the small town of Xcalak, near the Mexico-Belize border, then take a dive boat to Chinchorro Banks to overnight in a fisherman's shack, where we were to snorkel with American crocodiles. I wasn't so sure it would happen, but wow, do I now have the open-jaws pictures to prove it." Read our travelin' diver's trip review of snorkeling face-to-face with American crocodiles in the Yucatan. ....  Read more >


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XTC Dive Center, Xcalak, Mexico: face-to-face with crocodiles in the Yucatan
New rules for lithium-ion batteries on airplanes
Security concerns for diving in Malaysia
Cuan Law, British Virgin Islands: a first-class trimaran, but the diving . . .
Hammerhead on the California coast: "It just kept coming at me"
No diver left behind: Part II - what works, what doesn't to get divers back aboard
Anything new at the DEMA show?
How to get batteries for your old but reliable dive computers
Do sport divers need a Spare Air?
How Steve Jobs and a specific shark photo initiated a lawsuit
• and much more

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ScubaWithAlison Report in Cozumel and the Mexican Yucatan/Cozumel
"Cozumel -- truly a diver's paradise!"
filed Nov 24, 2015 by PAUL MILA (Experience: 501-1000 dives)
5 stars

No surprises for regular Cozumel divers: Moderate currents for good drift diving; the varying underwater topography, from cathedral col... ... Read more

Julliet Sailing Report in Puerto Rico
"Mona Island"
filed Nov 24, 2015 by Jeff Moore (Experience: Over 1000 dives)
4 stars

The good: 10 dives on Monita [probably the best dives in the Caribbean]. Mona had very good diving on one side of the island,but poor ... ... Read more

Lahaina Divers/Kanapali Shores Report in Hawaii/Maui
"Lahaina Divers Aimed to Please"
filed Nov 24, 2015 by Frank G Postillion (Experience: 251-500 dives)
4 stars

We had deliberated about choosing operators further south as the boat rides were known to be long and sometimes bumpy. Since we were st... ... Read more

Juliet Sail and Dive Report in Bahamas
"smooth sailing"
filed Nov 24, 2015 by William E Sperling (Experience: 251-500 dives)
4 stars

Trip begins and ends in Miami. The captain clears Bahamian customs and immigration for all passengers both entering and leaving the Bah... ... Read more

Itza Lodge Report in Belize
"great diving...healthy reefs"
filed Nov 24, 2015 by Lynn Austin (Experience: 251-500 dives, 2 reports)
4 stars

Itza Lodge is on a small private island. The dives are mainly walls with slow drifts. The Blue Hole is only a 10 min boat ride so we d... ... Read more

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