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Get the Most from Your GoPro, 08/2015

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John Bantin writes, "I've watched divers who have made the trip of their lifetimes to remote locations like Truk Lagoon use their GoPro cameras after opening them straight out of the box. I fear they will inevitably be disappointed with the results. Here's my advice on how you can get professional-looking results when taking your GoPro underwater." ....  Read more >


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Arenui, Indonesia: unique critter haven but a notch below luxury
Major recall of 2,600 masks due to shattering glass
Fantasy Island Resort, Roatan: saying goodbye to an old friend
Latest shark research: shields are effective, bubble curtain are not
Aqua Lung facing a class-action lawsuit
What on Earth Were They Thinking?
Get the most from your GoPro
Fugitive dive operators found, then charged with manslaughter
Lessons learned from dead divers
What's going on with the Aggressor Fleet?
Is the Scubapro's new Mantis dive computer worth buying?
Flotsam & Jetsam
• and much more

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Sea Hunter Report in Costa Rica/Cocos Is
"Great Operation, Great Destination, Lousy Timing"
filed Aug 25, 2015 by John Sommerer (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 10 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
5 stars

A somewhat difficult review to write, as this was a long-awaited trip where the wildlife was not what we hoped for. The trip report fro... ... Read more

Laguna Beach Resort Report in Honduras/Utila
filed Aug 25, 2015 by Edward Svitil (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 3 reports, Reviewer )
4 stars

What a wonderful resort! 15+ individual cabins, aircon, hot water, immaculately clean! Housekeeping has developed a cute way of foldin... ... Read more

Belize Diving Services Report in Belize/Caye Caulker
"Average diving from Caye Caulker"
filed Aug 25, 2015 by Ian Kennedy (Experience: 251-500 dives, 10 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
3 stars

Belize Diving Services (BDS) is located next to the Iguana Inn (very nice hotel with pool) on Caye Caulker. BDS is a first rate operati... ... Read more

Rocio del Mar Report in Mexico (Western)/Sea of Cortez
"Great warm-water diving in the Sea of Cortez from a good boat"
filed Aug 24, 2015 by Joel Snyder (Experience: 251-500 dives, 10 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
5 stars

We spent a week aboard the Rocio del Mar doing their Midriff Islands itinerary. The boat leaves around 5PM from Puerto Penasco (Rocky ... ... Read more

Truth Aquatics Report in The Continental USA/Southern Channel Islands
"Truth Aquatics and Channel Islands, California"
filed Aug 24, 2015 by Gregory S Bruce (Experience: 251-500 dives, 3 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars

I just got back from a 5 day live aboard trip with Truth Aquatics to the Southern Channel Islands (August 18-22). This was my second tr... ... Read more

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Editor's Pick of the month

Spineless Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates, the Backbone of Life
by Susan Middleton

In Spineless, acclaimed photographer Susan Middleton captures “the haute couture of marine life" -- nudibranchs, jellies, octopuses and sea nymphs, to name but a few of the creatures whose spectacular bodies defy description. The 150-plus images were obtained by special photographic techniques developed by Middleton to best capture these fragile -- and often tiny -- creatures on camera. She not only makes us aware of the stark reality about why we are losing so many of these animals to environmental destruction, but also why it matters. Serious divers with an eye for the spineless creatures of the seas will find the photos astonishing and the discussions enlightening.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

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