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Other Dive Travel Groups, 07/2014

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The standard dive club’s travel outing is not for everyone. Say you prefer early nights but every other diver wants to party. Or you’re a single diver but everyone else is coupled up. Or you’d like to do other things besides diving on your trip -- posh spa treatments or volunteer work -- and you don’t know of any other diver who wants to join you....  Read more >

Drop the Dive Weight: Part I, 07/2014

Luggage fees: the bane of the traveling diver. You may be the best bargain hunter when it comes to scoring airfare deals to Indonesia, but if you don’t know how to cut down on dive gear, photo equipment and personal items, your savings will be eaten up in excess baggage costs. These days, finding an affordable flight to a dive destination is only half the battle. We asked our Undercurrent contributors -- heavy-duty travelers -- as well as our readers for their tips on saving money and shedding weight to hedge the cost of flying....  Read more >

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NAD-Lembeh Resort, Indonesia: great critters, people and prices
Three under-the-radar Caribbean gems, bad air in Honduras, jerk of the month in Florida
When your safety sausage fails
Specialized dive groups for divers who don't want the norm
Help a wounded warrior learn how to dive
Why Divers Die: Part II -- overweighted and overwhelmed
Florida court rules that divers must sign the right waiver
Drop the dive weight: Part I -- shedding the pounds and costs for traveling with gear
Why air fills are cheaper than they should be
• and much more

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Latest Reader Reports

from the serious divers who read Undercurrent
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Scuba Tech Report in The Continental USA/Destin, FL
filed Jul 20, 2014 by Wayne Johnson (experience 251-500 dives)
2 stars

I had never been in the FL panhandle and wanted to get an idea of what I would see if I did the wreck trail. I wasn't expecting too much but the reef was barren and the fish ... ... Read more

Wall to Wall Diving/Comfort Inn & Suites 7-Mile Beach Report in Cayman Islands/Grand Cayman 7-Mile Beach
filed Jul 19, 2014 by Thomas H Rynalski (experience Over 1000 dives)
5 stars

Reservations by email were easy and detailed. Operation has two boats at different sites allowing quick access to northern and southern dive sites. Gear was stored by Wall-to-... ... Read more

Challenge Diving Report in Cozumel and the Mexican Yucatan
filed Jul 19, 2014 by Dennis Giessen (experience 0-25 dives)
5 stars

Challenge Diving is a small company that is quickly growing to build a full service operation that offers diving, fishing and condo rentals during your stay in Cozumel. C.D... ... Read more

Indigo Divers/The Meridian Report in Cayman Islands
filed Jul 17, 2014 by Joe Robson (experience 101-250 dives)
5 stars

I have been diving with Indigo for a couple of years now. Chris and Kate at Indigo have been wonderful to dive with. Their boat is the most comfortable on the island, service... ... Read more

Tui Tai/Qamea Resort Report in Fiji and Tuvalu/Qamea/Taveuni
filed Jul 16, 2014 by Michael Rosenberg (experience 251-500 dives)
4 stars

Looking for a great spot for snorkelers (non-diving wife) and divers- this area maybe for you. The Tui Tai is 180 foot "adventure boat" not really focused on Scuba , but it ... ... Read more

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Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter

Robert MacKinnon made a career out of salvaging coins, silverware, weapons and other valuable artifacts from sailing ships that met their end in the dangerous shallows off Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. The "Death Coast" is known for its strong currents, rocky shoals and submerged rocks. In his book Treasure Hunter: Diving for Gold on North America's Death Coast," MacKinnon and co-author Dallas Murphy tell the story of 40 years of exploration.

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