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Kohler lawsuit, 03/2015

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For David Concannon, the defending attorney in this lawsuit, it was one of the craziest, wild cases he's ever been involved in. "The plaintiffs' attorney sued everyone he could possibly think of, and allege everything he could think of," he says. "It was a spray-and-pray, shotgun-style defense." Read about the case a dead diver's widow brought against wreck diver celebrity Richie Kohler...  Read more >

Heated vests, 03/2015

In this month's story on Hawaii diving, our reporter envies the heated vests she sees fellow divers wearing, and how toasty they look while wearing them in those cool waters. Are these battery-powered vests worth spending up to $1000? Here are some reviews from our veteran dive gear tester, John Bantin...  Read more >


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Kona Diving Company, Hawaii - cool endemic critters and -- with luck -- a manta show
Aqua Lung recalls all BCs with Sure Lock II weight pockets
What's a heated vest, and should you buy one?
Komodo Resort Diving Club, Indonesia: exciting diving at resort prices
"Ship of Gold" treasure hunter captured in Florida
The story of an Indonesia dive gone wrong in so many ways
Lionfish aren't the only invaders in Florida waters
Simple panic-reducing exercises every diver should do
The crazy lawsuit filed against Shadow Diver star Richie Kohler
How much money you'll need to get a reef named after you
• and much more

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Blue Water Divers/Osprey Beach Hotel Report in Turks and Caicos
"Fabulous Dive Trip"
filed Mar 29, 2015 by Craig schmidt (Experience: 251-500 dives)
4 stars

Had a wonderful dive trip to Grand Turk. This is our third trip, but the first diving with Blue Water Divers. It is a first class opera... ... Read more

Reef Seen Report in Indonesia/Bali: Pemuteran
"Reef Seen Divers Resort in Bali: Distinctive"
filed Mar 28, 2015 by John Woolley (Experience: 251-500 dives, 11 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
4 stars

The superlative “unique” is overused and abused, so I’ll choose the word “distinctive” to tell my story about Reef Seen in Ba... ... Read more

Aqua Safari/Casa Mexicana Report in Cozumel and the Mexican Yucatan
"Spendid Toadfish & Great Diving"
filed Mar 27, 2015 by Jeanne Reeder (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 10 reports, Sr. Reviewer )
5 stars

One of my favorite fish to find is Cozumel’s endemic Splendid Toadfish peering from underneath a low ceiling recess on the sand. At ... ... Read more

MSV AMIRA Report in Indonesia/RAJA AMPAT
filed Mar 27, 2015 by Warren Sprung (Experience: 501-1000 dives, 5 reports, Reviewer )
5 stars


Four Seasons Explorer Report in Maldives
"Excellent Diving and Accomodations"
filed Mar 26, 2015 by Richard Ansbacher (Experience: 51-100 dives)
5 stars

This is a luxury dive boat (a true Four Seasons run property), with 10 very large and comfortable cabins w/ full bath, plus one luxury ... ... Read more

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Editor's Pick of the month

Deep Deep
by James Nestor

My fellow divers, I can't imagine that anyone who has had a chance to slip below the surface and marvel at the life there won't find this a fascinating read. James Nestor, a fine journalist (he has written for Outside, Men's Journal and the New York Times) with a keen eye, has produced the best underwaterfocused book since Shadow Divers a decade ago. It's a fine adventure and a thrilling ride all the way from the surface down to 28,000 feet, and back.

Click here to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

Trapped Under the Sea Trapped Under the Sea;
One Engineering Marvel, Five Men, and a Disaster Ten Miles into the Darkness

by Neil Swidey

In 1999, hundreds of feet under the ocean, five divers traveled to the end of the new Boston sewer tunnel - devoid of light and air - to complete the construction; one didn't return and another was sentenced to a life of trauma-induced drug addiction and prison. It was a "dry penetration," but commercial divers were selected for the job because they were trained in mixed gas technology and could handle construction in dark and dangerous circumstances. Neil Swidey, a staff writer for the Boston Globe, tells the compelling tale of the harrowing and deadly task, against the backdrop of bravery, corporate greed, political infighting and construction incompetence. A great book for mixed gas divers.

Click below to order through Undercurrent and you’ll get Amazon’s best price -- and our profits will go to save coral reefs.

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