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There’s a Cockroach in My Regulator!

Bizarre and Brilliant True Diving Tales
from Thirty Years of Undercurrent.

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Our brand new, 256-page book filled with the best of the unusual, the entertaining, and the jaw dropping stories Undercurrent has published. They’re true, often unbelievable, and always fascinating. We’re offering it to you now for pre production price of just $17.95. Here are just a few of the stories you’ll find:

The pufferfish that bit off a diver’s finger . . . machete-carrying thugs burn down the Caribbean’s best dive resort and leave the owner to die . . . “bent” diver airlifted to chamber: only a side effect of her malaria prophylaxis . . . doctors find stingray gave a diver a hickey . . . the industry fight to keep nitrox from divers . . . deep doo-doo; when your dive boat has no head . . . murder at 80 feet; the case of the yellow fin in the sand . . . Caribbean sea lice drive divers crazy . . . dive equipment of the future; what 1985 predictions came true . . . whale nearly drowns free diver . . . diver diagnosed as insane; it’s only the bends. . . the true story behind the movie Open Water . . . lightning strikes the tank of a surfacing Florida diver . . . what these divers did when they found floating marijuana bales . . . does your dive operator use a sanitary napkin to filter the compressed air you breathe? . . . insurance company tries to stiff diver’s widow . . . the myths of nitrogen narcosis as told by the deepest diver ever . . . is your wet suit really shrinking? . . . underwater power struggle; the hidden risks in buddy diving . . . croc severs diver’s head . . . no-see-ums; more than just an irritation . . . reports from divers underwater during an earthquake and in a tsunami . . . exploding tank yields $150,000 of cannabis . . . dive boat operator fleeces investors . . .and much much more

Order now to get our exciting new book. Well send it quickly at the special price of just $17.95 -- and every copy will be personally signed by the authors -- Ben Davison and Larry Clinton

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