What's a Mini Chapbook?

These forms allow you to generate a Mini Chapbook ("MCB") for any dive destination of your choice. This MCB will contain all (or your selection of) the reader reports Undercurrent subscribers have submitted for that destination for any or several years, and even choose which dive operators are of interest. Plus it contains our destination overview and seasonal planner. You may find these more suitable for specific needs, because they are smaller and more focused on what's of interest to you.

You also can choose various ways the MCB is presented:

  • what info the individual reports contain and how they are formatted
  • how the reports are ordered
  • whether to choose a PDF file for convenience in dowloading, or just view it as a normal web page (HTML)

You make all these choices on the two pages of the form -- if you're new to this, perhaps it's easiest to start by choosing a destination and leaving everything else at its default setting. You'll then get an HTML file of all the reports for this past year on the destination of choice that you can view or print on your computer. If you change your mind, you can use your browser's Back Button or follow the links, to change your settings, or to generate another MCB.

Note that there are some limits as to how many reports an MCB can have if you are generating a PDF file -- currently there's a maximum of 150 reports allowed. This should be more than enough for just about all uses; if you need more, you can produce several MCB's. These limits are designed to prevent our system from getting overloaded since PDF generation is "resource-heavy" for our server. There are no limits for HTML generation, which is very quick.

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