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Bonaire / St Vincents & Roatan / Utila Trip
« on: January 15, 2014, 16:22:38 UTC »

My wife and I are planning a trip for 5 weeks around Caribbean and Pacific side of Costa Rica and Panama.

Looking at the Caribbean portion in this post. As background we and both 50 and live in Grand Cayman. So we are fortunate to have a great diving in ut backyard and do dive about twice a week over the last two years. All things come to an end and we will be moving to the southern hemisphere and wanted to check out the rest of our region and get some varied dive experiences from other spots. So we would be advanced divers but have mainly dived in Grand Cayman and be lucky enough to dive Little Cayman a few times too.

We will be going on a family cruise and take in a couple of dives at St Kitts, St Lucia and St Thomas. We will end up in mid April in San Juan.

But then we want to spend 2-3 weeks looking around the caribbean and also have heard good things about Roatan and Utila. The prospect of seeing whale sharks or manta, other sharks is appealing. Also seeing little and unique critter such as seahorses and frogfish is appealing. We are so fortunate to see many reef corals and fish every week and sandy beaches so we are looking at other things or different creatures. we don't have a huge budget and will likely be wanting to dive twice a day and chill for the rest of the time and do a bit of touristy stuff but not fully booked up and action packed.

I know people that have been to Bonaire and really enjoyed it but the things they enjoyed in terms of what they saw diving was the smaller critters and that made me think that if i had to choose is a week in ST Vincents a better way to go for that? Also we were looking at Roatan / Utila mainly as a place with a good chance to see whale sharks. I am not trying to sound ungrateful of dive places but being from cayman and diving over 250 dives there we don't just want to do the same fish and corals in another location. So we are looking for some guidance on St Vincents versus Bonaire for little critters and overall dive experiences and  other places we should consider. For example should we be looking at Belize or Cozumel rather than Roatan for a different experience?



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