Author Topic: Need A Manual For A U.S. Divers Matrix Master Dive Computer  (Read 3755 times)

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Need A Manual For A U.S. Divers Matrix Master Dive Computer
« on: December 04, 2013, 02:20:30 UTC »
I am trying to locate a complete (not abridged - I have that) owner's manual for a U.S. Divers Matrix Master Dive Computer, preferably in a ".pdf" version.

I have looked on line, searching every way I can think of, and the only link I come up with, the Aqua Lung Technical Library, returns a "404 Error - Page Not Found."  I also found a link to something called Mem-Con, but it prompts you to put the disk (which I don't have) into the disk drive to proceed.

I've tried searching Google, a rare book site (,, everything but eBay, and they all just keep turning up the same links.  The computer was given to me as part of a bunch of used equipment.  I've had it serviced, but without the owner's manual I can't be sure what the displays mean.

Part of the problem is that U.S. Divers is out of business, either gone, or acquired by someone (Aqualung? - but they only vary Suunto now with no support for older models from the U.S. Divers past. (they do refer you to the technical library, but that just turns up the same page that ends up with the "404  Error - Page Not Found" result.

Does ANYONE know where I can get hold of this manual?  Although I'd prefer it in .pdf format, I'll accept what ever I can get.


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Re: Need A Manual For A U.S. Divers Matrix Master Dive Computer
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2013, 04:17:48 UTC »


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