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Isle Marisol Resort Belize
« on: August 12, 2013, 02:42:42 UTC »
We just got back from Isle Marisol and had one of the best dive vacations we have ever had.  This place is low key and laid back by design.  According to the owner, Eddie, Isle Marisol is a genuine Belizean experience..."we don't Americanize"...The food and people are from Belize.  We were so impressed how truly friendly and accommodating everyone is on this little island paradise. Whether it was the housekeeper, waiter, cook, divemaster, bartender, or boat captain, everyone has a warm smile and willingness to make your stay a pleasant one.   The food & presentation is absolutely fantastic & we wanted to take the cook, Ms Jen, back home with us.

We are very experienced divers and we have been to a large number of dive destinations all over the Caribbean, yet our experience at Isle Marisol  is among the best we have seen.   Our hard working divemaster, Mara, is so kind & full of joy, he made every dive enjoyable.  The dives are all drift dives but the currents were very gentle so all the dives were very easy and safely executed. We did 3 dives a day for the first 5 days and 2 dives one our last day for a total of 17 dives.  Underwater, we were blown away at the sheer number of heavy schools of fish, large numbers of sharks, and the incredibly health coral!

Well it goes without saying...we will be back!


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