Author Topic: komodo resort or angel island resort for July dive trip extension Lubauan Bajo  (Read 2144 times)

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Wondering if anyone has stayed at either of these land based resorts in Komodo, Indonesia area:
Angel Island or Komodo Resort. Is the first worth the extra $? Is it worth it to extend the dive stay after a boat week of diving in Komodo at one of these resorts? If so, which one?


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We did not stay on the land based resorts tou mentioned but did take a four day live aboard out Lubauan Bajo.  The diving around Komodo is superb with Castle Rock and Crystal Bomie being outstanding (high voltage: shark, mantas, turtles, Huge wrasses...etc).  These tend to have multi directional high speed currents and it is very easy to get swept off the pinnacle so bring your sausage.

However since we are talking accommodations, I bet anything would beat the fleet of live-aboards we chose.  Because of schedule (we stayed a week at Wakatobi beforehand), we only had 4 days.  There are bunch of low priced live-aboards where you can sign up for a few days as opposed to the traditional 1 week cruises.  I got sick on mine and lost a days diving - the food was filthy and the quarters were dank and dark.  You get what you pay for and if you don't have time for a full week then for sure I recommend the land-based over these budget live-aboards.


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