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dive lights
« on: August 17, 2012, 19:27:44 UTC »
 I dive in Monterey California and am unhappy with my princeton tec shockwave led light.  Visibility here often 20 feet or less and flashlight is too diffuse to see into cracks and crevices in the reef.  Will need a light with narrow beam which has the power to penetrate deeply to see all the wonderful critters hiding here.  also if it is lighter than the 2 # princeton tec this would be good also  --appreciate your recommendations -  thanx 


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Re: dive lights
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2012, 21:49:43 UTC »
Hi Itchyfeet:

You think the viz is bad in Monterey, try the Pacific Northwest which is my local area. I also dive Pt Lobos and the Monterey area once or twice are year.

You might want to check out the Sola series from Light in Motions, just down the street from Backscatter. I am an underwater photographer, and the Sola unit replaces my trusty Hartenburger, which is a superb light, but weighs a ton.

There have been quite a few quality control issues with Sola's, but Light in Motion is very good about correcting problems.

The other suggestion I would make is to either purchase a light with a red filter, or make one up. This really cuts back on backscatter, and critters are much more comfortable with the red filter.


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