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Suunto PC interface for Windows 7 USB
« on: January 31, 2012, 19:28:48 UTC »
My bad! Turns out I was using a third-party USB cable that works with previous versions of Suunto Dive Manager but not with the latest version. I bought a new USB cable compatible with DM 5.0 and that solved the problem. Can't really blame Suunto.
   I've used a Suunto Cobra2 for about 150 dives. Not a bad computer, but Suunto's support is absolutely awful. I recently moved from a Windows XP to a Windows 7 PC, and my USB upload cable stopped working with Suunto's Dive Manager software (latest version). It still works with DiveLog 5.0 (a third-party program that's pretty good but does not capture the RGBM and alarm data from the Cobra2).
   I've been all over the Suunto website several times, sent them questions, and done extensive Web searches. It appears that Windows software for the USB cable is no longer available (although Suunto never gives a straight answer).

   I'll keep using the Cobra2 as long as it lasts, but I'll never, never, never buy another Suunto product because of their worse than useless support.
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Re: Suunto PC interface for Windows 7 USB
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2012, 04:32:39 UTC »
That's sad and very disappointing. The Suunto products are great, with RBGM algorithms and user-selectable degrees or risk. I find the data very useful to analyze after the dive day is done, or back home. Suunto need to offer customer support that includes currently usable software and cables for downloading the data or they will find us buying other manufacturers' products. Duh!


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