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San Salvador, Bahamas
« on: October 31, 2011, 18:20:47 UTC »
Just returned from a week diving with Riding Rock Resort on San Salvador (10/22-29).  What wonderful diving!  Coral heads & sand leading to a wall; wall usually starts at about 40 feet & drops forever.  Lots of dramatic canyons and swim-throughs.  Visibility was great, way into the blue.  Lots of healthy hard & soft coral; wide variety of fish and critters (some good macro), though not an abundance of any particular species.  Except sharks!  We saw Caribbean Reef Sharks on almost every dive, both out in the blue & cruising over the flats.  We were a little early for Hammerheads but did see two.

The Riding Rock package is 3 dives a day (no Nitrox but the diving is often deep so not an issue); they drive your gear to the marina for the 1st dive and take care of it for the duration.  Our dive masters, Lynn and Bruce, were friendly & professional, managed the variety of experience in our group of 18 with skill and good humor.  They worked hard to make sure we enjoyed the dives.  Divers do need to be aware & careful about their own depth & ascent rates, as some of the dives are fairly advanced & it would be easy to make a mistake.

The resort is a little run-down.  We had to change rooms due to a broken shower (management was very cooperative about the move), & several others in our group had problems in their rooms.  The food is plentiful, good, fairly healthy; nothing out of the ordinary but no complaints.  Large buffet breakfast, usually two choices for lunch & dinner (sometimes a buffet).  Wonderful staff: friendly & helpful, eager to make your stay a success.

We are already planning a return!
ken & adair


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