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Italy - Pantelleria
« on: August 08, 2011, 18:21:46 UTC »
You don't like crowds, you love pizza, pasta, great wine, delicious meals, beautiful countryside, awesome bungalows (dammusi), tranquility - then go to Pantelleria. It's an island south of Sicily, no sandy beaches, volcano scenery. I reached that place via Palermo on Mediana Air. Diving with Green Divers , a good dive center, medium sized boat, water 27 degrees C, great vis, not much fish around, spearfishing goes on. You will find huge boulders with some strange weed on it, in which all kind of creatures hide. Deeper down you will see beautiful purple coloured coral. My first dive there my buddy asked: we plan to go down to 50 m, you don't have a problem there? We ran into 8 min. deco., this on a single tank on air. What elsewhere seems to be a big problem and a fuss made on it (limits + deco), here it's nearly everydays dive. I like that - what about you?


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