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Looking for an All Inclusive spot
« on: July 27, 2011, 22:58:00 UTC »
My buddy and I like occasional trips to all inclusive resorts.  We particularly like Club Med on Provo in the Turks.

What we like:
Diving boats that don't require you to be lead by an instructor--buddy diving OK
All inclusive (food, etc., included)
Other activities (CM has trampoline, games, sports, kayaks, sail boats, etc. all included)

Location: Generally near the East Coast of the USA, like the Atlantic, Caribbean, etc.  But, western waters near Mexico would be OK.  There used to be a Club Med in Baja California but it is now gone.

Any suggestions?

Please note my membership expires Aug. 5 and I don't think I can log in after that.  My email is courterr@{}



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Re: Looking for an All Inclusive spot
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2011, 14:42:38 UTC »
Hi Rob,

Hope you renewed your subscription.

I might consider Cobalt Coast/DiveTech on Grand Cayman. Great rooms, excellent food, and the diving you want. On the boat dives you have option of guided or alone with your buddy. Unlimited shore diving at 2 great site is included.

As the resort is moderately remote, close to North wall sites, we rent a car to take advantage of other Grand Cayman activities.

Good diving,



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