Author Topic: Anybody been to Fiji lately?  (Read 3604 times)


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Anybody been to Fiji lately?
« on: February 04, 2011, 00:28:06 UTC »
I am thinking of going later this year, and have been wondering if the El Nino has caused any coral bleaching this year.  Any news on coral conditions?


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Re: Anybody been to Fiji lately?
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2011, 22:11:06 UTC »
I just returned from two charters on my boat, NAI'A, in Fiji. The reefs are actually looking better now than in the 17 years I've owned NAI'A because we haven't suffered a direct hit from a cyclone recently and the last coral bleaching was a decade ago.

The central Pacific is currently in the waning days of a La Nina event, not an El Nino. That means that there is a cooler-than-normal tongue of water running W along the equator from Central America. It tapers to nothing north of Fiji. However, the La Nina has caused warmer-than-normal water south of Fiji, Tonga, the Cooks and Tahiti. (This warmer water is why cyclones this season are starting further south than usual and maintaining their strength as they travel south towards higher latitudes.) All of the equatorial South Pacific islands are currently in normal temperature water between the warmer-than-normal water to the south and the cooler-than-normal water to the north, so there is no coral bleaching, but it bears watching to see if the warm water dissipates without moving north.

A good source for current information about Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies is:

Best fishes, Rob Barrel


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