Author Topic: The Gold Standard: Nite Rider Dual HID  (Read 4106 times)


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The Gold Standard: Nite Rider Dual HID
« on: July 21, 2008, 05:28:44 UTC »
I just bought a Nite Rider Dual Beam HID headlamp a few months ago for around $1299 and tested it out on the Southern California coast and in The Philippines. This light absolutely dominates and does not owe me a dime. In The Philippines, it was almost embarrassing how bright this thing was in comparison to what the divemasters were carrying. In fact, I heard the boat crew giggle once when I fired it up. It cranks out about 80 watts worth of conventional light. The system operates off a 13.2 volt NiMH battery that goes for a legit 2 hrs on max power. I tested it several times. It can be used out of the water and is rugged, meaning you can bang it around a bit. I used to have a Light Cannon, but this thing goes to the next level. One problem is that it is so bright, you cannot look directly at your dive buddy when it is mounted on your head. The guy I talked to at Nite Rider warned me not to point it at people, because they might get blinded and sue me. I recommend this system for anyone who shoots video or just wants to turn night into day.


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