Author Topic: Thanks for the article on NAUI's photo competition practicies  (Read 3141 times)


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Thanks for the article on NAUI's photo competition practicies
« on: September 24, 2010, 17:30:36 UTC »
I want to thank Undercurrent for the article "Fair for Photographers" in the Aug 2010 issue.  Because of your article, I am more careful about reading the small print before letting other entities use my photos. I volunteer as a reasearch diver for a non-profit organization that raises funds for artificial reefs.  I often authorize the use of my underwater photos for free if I feel it benefits this organization.  Recently, I was asked by a state office to use some of my photos in their brochures.  I wanted to do it until I read the release.  It could be interpreted that once I let them use the photos I would no longer have a right to them.  I've asked the organization to change the wording in thier release to make it clear I can still use my photos as I wish.  They agreed I had a valid concern on the wording, and have sent my request to their legal department for review.  Undercurrent's article on the NAUI photo competition may have saved me from a serious blunder.  Thanks!


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