Author Topic: Info Added - Solomon Islands Trip -- 2 weeks on the Bilikiki Nov. 2011  (Read 3282 times)


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Enjoy diving and exploring the bio-diversity present in the Coral Triangle.
Experience Melanesian culture

Planning a return trip to the Solomon Islands in November 2011.  We have chartered the entire boat -- the Bilikiki.  ;D  
This is one of the nicest times of the years to experience what the Solomons have to offer -- pristine reefs, diverse sea life from pygmy seahorses to schools of fish of all sizes to mantas and even a few sharks along the way.  Plus some interesting WWII wrecks.

Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to meet the local villagers and experience their culture.  The floating fruit & veg markets are daily event and not to be missed.

We have some spaces available at this point.  Looking for experienced divers to join the group. 

Dates of charter 8-22 November 2011.
Cost of charter = USD 5,432 (excludes airfare, gov't taxes, etc.) Full details available.

Send a PM if you are interested in receiving more info
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