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Articles about Diving in the Red Sea
« on: August 28, 2010, 10:46:35 UTC »

Hey Everybody!

If you feel you have it in you and there is something you would like to tell the world... Now here is your chance. We want people around the Red Sea to contribute with articles in a new Red Sea/Diving/Egypt Magazine.

My website has been popular and now I am, together with photographer James Dawson starting up an online magazine to cover diving in the Red Sea, life in Egypt and tips for traveling divers.

So if you're sitting on a story you want to tell or if there is an issue you want to address feel free to write to us and you might see your words or photos in our magazine. First issue will be available for downloading 1st September 00:00.01

What's the magazine is called?... THE EQUALIZER! If you want to know more about the magazine or us behind it you can check out our websites.

Go to my website:
Or to James' website:
Or to The Mag Page:
Or directly to Sign Up Page:

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