Author Topic: dive gear advice for new UK diver  (Read 6852 times)


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dive gear advice for new UK diver
« on: August 24, 2010, 20:33:33 UTC »
Dear all.
apologies if there is a thread on this sorta stuff.. but I had to post somewhere! here goes....
Im looking at buying all my own dive kit from mask and fins, through to bcd, regs et al.
Decided to take the plunge and be more than just a holiday diver following the dive guide and open my eyes to UK diving!
I know there are tons of manufacturers out there, and local dive shops will push certain gear they stock.. so am looking for an honest experienced view from u lot!
First, useage will prob be 2 weeks warm water diving on hols a year, and maybe the odd venture in UK.. once ive done a dry suit course and join a club.. so gear i guess needs to "adaptable"....
Ive the "opportunity" to buy new Northern Diver gear at a very very reasonable price.. (Guardian Gtek bcd £135, contents, depth and compass gauge £70, jupiter reg incl octous reg £149).. now Ive had 2 views... 1 saying ND are crap the other its great!
If anyone can offer advice id appreciate it..... also how do apeks regs rate specifically the stx40 or stx50


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