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paradise dancer
« on: January 19, 2010, 22:34:20 UTC »
i will be going on the Paradise Dancer in Raja Ampat the end of Feb.  pls help with the following questions:

    i am not nitrox certified.  would it be beneficial to either get certified before or during the trip?

    should i take any disease prevention for malaria, etc.

    would i be better off renting their gear vs. taking mine and dealing with weight restrictions?

    what is the best way to deal with local money issues (cash, travelers checks,or credit cards)?

i will be arrivng thru Bali (2 nt stayover)- Ujong Padang (one nt stayover)- Sorong and departing the reverse with only a stayover in Bali.



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Re: paradise dancer
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2010, 08:07:37 UTC »
Qualifying for nitrox on Sky Dancer a few years ago was simple and quite cheap relative to the cost of nitrox for the trip anyway - e-mail PH to prebook ensure availability.
We didn't take any anti malarials on Paradise Dancer in November (some were but not many) but I guess medical advise would be to do so - at sea most of the time in remote areas - little livestock / habitation - your call.
Take your own gear, every time. Is the 20Kg limit that hard to hit? generally hand luggage was not weighed at check-in; otherwise be aware that excess charges will apply - how much other stuff do you need?
Best way to deal with local money is the atm. Theres a bank of them at the airport in Bali and in most areas around the island - go to the right as you exit. You don't need any one the boat...

Its a great boat enjoy your trip - take the crew chocolate (and the dive staff marmite - if you can get it) they love it...


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