Author Topic: Galapagos LOA Last Minute Deal  (Read 3941 times)


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Galapagos LOA Last Minute Deal
« on: November 24, 2009, 17:15:48 UTC »
Hi Folks,

Trying to make a departure(s) happen for the weeks of Dec. 5-12 and Dec. 12-19.  We need a minimum number of divers to have depatures, however, due to a last minute charter cancellation, this essentially becomes a subsidized opportunity to dive the legendary sites of Wolf and Darwin in the Galapagos at a price that hasn't been around in years and is unlikely to ever come up again.  Single diver rate is $2700 and when 2 divers book together, the rate is $2200 per person.

Since diving in the Galapagos usually begins at around $3700 per person, it is cost prohibitive to many.  For me, it is mecca for divers.  I was on a Nov. 9-16 departure and we spotted 17 whale sharks and finally I got to swim surrounded by hammerheads...above, below, in front, behind and beside.  Count was limited only by visibility, but there were hundreds.  Black tips, the huge Galapagos sharks at Wolf, silkys, giant mantas, eagle rays, turtles, sea lions and huge schools of fish including black-striped salemas in the millions.  Every diver should have the opportunity to dive here at least once.  Hopefully, we can make these charters happen at this affordable rate.

Please visit for details, photos and to contact us as quickly as possible if you're interested.  The clock is certainly ticking against us, but we do have several spaces on hold for 5-12 and two for 12-19, so we're going to try to beat the odds and make this happen not because it's profitable, but because this price might enable some to have this astounding experience.  Plus, I would get to go and if you've dived Wolf & Darwin before, 'nuff said.


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