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Cabo Pulmo
« on: September 12, 2009, 17:43:34 UTC »
Has anyone been to Cabo Pulmo recently? We're going there for the last week of October and have heard only good things about it. I'd be curious about any updates from 2009.


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Re: Cabo Pulmo
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2009, 19:03:58 UTC »
Not from 2009 but from a couple of years ago - we loved the place.  Diving conditions ranged from excellent visibility to very limited depending on the day, but the sea life is breathtaking, and your dive boat will be pushed into the ocean by a 1972 Ford truck with towels wrapped around the bumpers.  We saw a grouper there that exceeded 10 feet, and I have the (non-Photoshopped) picture to prove it.
It's completely solar, but the power is enough to run a small fan for the night to keep you cool.  There are no TVs and few radios, and they aren't encouraged.
You'll want your rental vehicle to be something capable of a long drive down a rutted dirt road.  There are a couple of restaurants in Pulmo, both pretty good, and a small grocery store.  It won't look like there's much available in the store until you start opening the coolers.  All units have propane stove and refrigerator and work well, and the units away from the beach have a second-story balcony that's great for star gazing.  However, supplies run short, so you're best advised to stock up in Cabo before you head up to Pulmo.  A store called Soriana's is located near the airport.  (It actually resulted in a running joke during our trip, because the receipt prints out only about 13 letters of the item, so that cilantro manojo - bunch of cilantro - came out Cilantro Man, which we decided was master of the herbal universe.)
There are a few other options for recreation, such as mountain biking and hiking, and a worthwhile side trip is up to Los Barriles (Bahia las Palmas), a pretty small town with some limited diving and a closer place to restock than Cabo.


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Re: Cabo Pulmo
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2009, 03:29:28 UTC »
Was there in May, 2009 for three days of diving (10 days in the area.)  It is primitive with limited electricity at night and limited places to buy supplies. The one small grocery store does not have much. Most stock up at Los Cabos or  Los Barriles (also dove there and was good), which I highly recommend.  We also stocked up at Soriana's near the airport.
Divng was great.  You go from coral mound to coral mound with each site; but this turns out be be very interesting.  Diving conditions were excellent with visibility between 60' to 65'; water temp was 83-84.  I agree  the sea life is breathtaking.  I saw more large schools of fish than in the carribean. The hard and soft coral mounds were in good condition.  It is definitive better diving than Los Cabos, which we also did.
Our dive boat was pushed into the ocean by three men with palmetto tree trunks under the boat; pushed back to shore the same way. It was cool to watch.
Both of the restaurants in Pulmo are pretty good but not great.   I though they were over priced or what you got, but they are the only "game-in-town." 
I had a great experience, especially the diving and would return.


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