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Purpose and Usage of the Forum
« on: June 28, 2008, 03:00:18 UTC »
We created The Divers' Forum for you and your fellow Undercurrent readers so you can join in a dialogue with each other about diving matters.  It is a place where you can post or answer questions, or toss out ideas about diving to the other serious divers in the Undercurrent community.  The forum is about dialogue --  dialogue between you and your fellow divers.

Here you will find a number of boards where you can post or look for topics of interest to you.  And there is a Search facility to help you find information in existing posts on this forum.  We ask that you do not post trip reports in the Dive Travel boards but if you are a subscriber or Online Members, submit them as Reader Reports via our forms.  Of course you may quote from these reports or reference them directly (Tip: you can use the earth-like BBC button, same as the [url][/url] tags, to link directly to a report, or use the quotes button, same as the [quote][/quote] tags, to quote parts of a report).

The Divers' Forum is not a place for commercial operations to sell your wares or trips, or to lash out at the competition.  And though you may not agree with everything Undercurrent prints,  don't use our forum to bash us, rant and rave, or shout. We accept correction, creative criticism, and thoughtful commentary -- contact us directly for that.  We do welcome article suggestions though.  We reserve the right to delete any posts we deem are counter to a rational community and to ban any user who continuously and flagrantly violates our policies.

The username and password you chose for this forum is not tied (previously it was) to the one you use for accessing the Online Members' area
.  They may be the same, but can be different too.  And if you change one of these in the forum, that will not change the corresponding one in the Online Members' area; and vice versa.

You can modify your profile information to tell others a bit more -- or less -- about yourself.  Note that by default your email address is hidden from view by others, though others may be able to send you personal messages (PM) through the forum.  And note that the name others see for you here is initially your username -- you can change the name that others see for you (but not your username) in the Profile section -- but you still will always login with your username and NOT the name you've chosen for this forum.  Note that there are a large number of settings in your profile, that you may or may not wish to update. 

If you have problems, questions, or suggestions, please first post those in the Forum Suggestions/Problems board.  This will help others who also likely have the same or similar questions.  Later we will make up a FAQ to help those that follow.  If you encounter serious problems or have a more personal question, you can PM Eagleray (i.e send me a "personal message").

We think this forum can significantly enhance your overall diving knowledge and experience.  So peruse the boards, post your questions, and help fellow serious divers.

The Undercurrent Divers' Forum Team
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Please post forum support questions/problems in the Forum Feedback board


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