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Seawing - Nova
« on: May 21, 2009, 21:02:39 UTC »

ScubaPro has come out with a new fin - the
Seawing Nova.

I saw it recently at a dive show, and it looks

I talked to a ScubaPro deal, not at the show,
and he does not like it at all.

Anyone have any info, or has anyone used it.

I know it's new and just out on the market so
it maybe too early yet!


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Re: Seawing - Nova
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2009, 11:41:17 UTC »
Mi marine9,

Couple of reviews:

1.  May 25, 2009:

"Hi Gang,

I own several different pairs of fins for different purposes, and had a chance to try out the Scuba Pro Seawing Nova a couple of weeks ago (demo from the Scuba Pro rep). The size I tried was one size too small, but even though, I was able to tolerate several hours with the fin to eval it.

Overall, I'd strongly recommend these fins based on personal experience (and in fact, I have already backordered my correct size through the dive shop ). My breakdown of positives and negatives is below:


Without a doubt the fastest "flutter" fin I've ever tried. I can kick up a wake in these babies that might get me in trouble with some marinas (slow - no wake). They make my amphibians feel like I'm in a paddle wheel (whereas in the Seawing Nova, I'm more along the lines of a Chriscraft Stinger, if you get my drift)

I generally cramp up quickly in a flutter with a hard fin (or even a split-tail), but these were significantly more comfortable in a flutter kick, and I lasted quite a bit longer before any signs of cramping (I compared back-to-back with paddle fins to make sure it wasn't a conditions thing and cramped quickly in the paddles as usual).

These fins are excellent for kicking backward (backing yourself up) - the work better than any paddle I've used - or any fin at all for that matter - I suspect the tip-ups are helping here.
Current = "no problem" if you're even mildly good with the flutter kick. You'll be the only person on the drift dive who stays at the entry point. 

They are comfortable to wear for me - I could see some folks having potential issues though.
The integrated stretch band on the back is nice. Feels kinda like an advance spring band (although it's a bungie cord).
The stretch band has a large integrated loop to grab on to for donning/removal, which stays put at the back of the band.

This depends on how you intend to use the fin, but because of the tipped-up edges, the modified frog is not "textbook possible". I will continue to work on this kick with them until I find a "sweet spot".
The frog kick takes some modification as well.

The foot pocket is a reasonably rigid material, so fit may be an issue for some people.
I would like to see test results of the "hinge" mechanism they are using - it just feels like there is potential for joint failure over time, but perhaps they have addressed this in materials or mechanics in some way that is not readily visible.

This is a guess, but I suspect the "tip-ups" make for interesting packing into normal "fin pockets" in certain types of SCUBA luggage (as in "HOW THE !&@%!* DO I GET THIS !$&@ THING in our SCUBA LUGGAGE, MARGE??!?" - you get the point).

Bottom line - try this one before you buy - it's very individual in nature.

Regards, -S"

2. How's your German?:

Scubapro Flossen Seawing Nova

If not so hot, here's a Babelfish translation:

Never say never.

Meanwhile in all facets and construction beginnings patents for diver drives gave let to the assumption far area that it was more possible hardly to develop again a completely new fin concept with amazing characteristics. Far been missing, SCUBAPRO up-to-date things put and present the Seawing new facts, in the futuristic Design, to nature cribbed from and incontestablly drive-strongly in. Does one have the Jetfin - idea again taken up, the fins with a Durchströmungskanal between trailer and fin sheet marks? After a test row of US - Navy, with which years ago the Jetfin - fins of their nimbus robbed were to be had, special efficiency with the propulsion, gave it only for a small core steadfast emotional assessed user, in addition many Tech - diver, Jetfin - belong models to buy. If one selects the name extension „new facts “- thus „again “- for a product, one naturally refers to thereby on a successful predecessor. And a Seawing - fin actually already gave it of SCUBAPRO, with beginnings to the today's technology. Thus one recognizes a suggested separation of trailer and fin sheet, which however Jetfin - channels simulate and in addition a dreisegmentige teething at the two central connecting posts show, which react however only in far smaller measure flexibly, as with the current dipping drive.

The plastic, made of which the colored transparent fin sheet was manufactured, one had baptized Hyperthane. In the sum the Seawing was not only a Hingucker due to the independent Design, it was also far common and could with the board-hard „gorilla “, which hardliners - version in the black look, also that one contently to place, which pushed itself gladly in the area of conflict of a threatening calf cramp by the reef. I dipped the classical Seawing some years and experience now kind time journey. The Seawing „classical period “like „new facts “directly is outgoing from the trailer easily downward the bent fin sheet and a Design coined/shaped in the wind tunnel. However, that is ahead-skillful to only trained calves, wings lends the Seawing new facts, like it technique talking document urine Ilka Weber already in the statement of the test video formulated and that can I in the reason only obligations.

Technology With the bare reputation one that SCUBAPRO the technology of the Durchströmungskanals revived, means however, the impression is deceptive. The gap between trailer and fin sheet with the Seawing new facts got other tasks, makes he place for a joint, the power ribs assigned. Thus trailer and fin sheet as classical unit from each other uncoupled with the goal of supporting starting from a certain pressure on the fin sheet, thus when increasing the speed, the leg impact dynamically. The more highly Kraft put on by the diver, the more strongly the fin sheet reacts with clear excursion, whereby its power ribs follow anatomically the model of the Schwanzflossen of large sea mammals.

The water, depending upon excursion, can be displaced upward or down derived by the gap at the Blattansatz without back-up. Clear channels at the upper and lower surfaces, in an educated manner from itself to the fin point tapering ribs, support the straight-line guidance of landing on water Rome. And similarly to the wings of modern jets the edges of fin are clearly upward curved to the conclusion. An oval opening trained before the fin point with channel prevents turbulences, which could arise otherwise with quick speed by flow separation, propulsion loss and losses during straight-line progressive movement is in such a way avoided.

The trailer of the Seawing new facts is well 5 centimeters longer at the sole, than with their predecessor, thus creates one a larger surface to the power transmission, a principle, with which up-to-date also a competitor's product from Italy arranged partially its Finetuning. Laterally of the toe range of the trailer parallel small „bearing areas set off “, also such a small detail support the effect of the drive. The exterior of the fin sole appears at first sight not particularly structured, in order to be able to offer on rubble or rock a little slipping Paroli, only a deeply cut S, the landmark of SCUBAPRO, applies central as „Haltmacher “. However, at the edges of the sole supplementing halbmondförmige elements are placed, which support the Grip.

The large drainage, which is to exclude a sucking in of the trailer and appropriate Beschwernis when taking the Seawing new facts off, is already at first sight praise worth. Jumping rape for everyone, then one could describe the fin volume - concept. The idea is good, the heel volume must not be adapted. It is so flexible that sufficient clearance is given to over-touch jumping RAP - heel volume without trouble with at the same time safe seat at the foot over the entire dipping course by all depths. The attraction assistance for the fin volume, a triangular eye made of rubber is largely dimensioned, into which also a finger in the thickest glove fits. In swivelling buckles from ABS plastic st the heel volume fastened to the trailer. Now a word must be only said about the fin material. It has its roots in the space technology and is called „Monoprene “.

Who would like to know it more exactly, it acts thereby around a mixture from polymers and thermal plastics. (Wikipedia: and Practice As technique talking document urine Ilka Weber describes the first impression of the Seawing new facts: „A strong fin with large drive surface,… the trained calves demands “(to the video) But in sequence. The fact that the eye is addressed of the Design of the Seawing new facts for or against, probably stands except doubts. With the Seawing new facts at the foot one does not count to the Mauerblümchen. Tightening is a rapidly settled procedure, the organization the jumping rape speaks for itself.

Same is valid for taking the fin off, additionally supported of the large drainage. The drive feeling is clearly split. In the savings course one means to carry nearly a Splitfin, gives one gas, then the Seawing new facts powert in front, in the conversation with the training condition users. The calves are included into communication and should be trained therefore over the year also something, in order to be able to enjoy the power of the fins without regret. An hint for the active use: The Seawing new facts develops already in the moderate propulsion a in such a way bundled forwarding of the water away from the fin sheet that one should hold larger distance of the reason somewhat, in order to avoid sediment dispersals.

As is the case for a Ferrari, with one does not drive also with forced speed over a fastened dirt road. The mass balance is to be evaluated regarding the taking along in the flight luggage positively. Result Despite all functional Design, the Seawing new facts has their corners and edges. And their character lends.

An exciting fin, a provocative drive. No face-cloth, at first attempt no compromise for everyone, with something training however then correctly enticing. One have its predecessor still in the plus: The then trendige color selection. The Seawing new facts is limited on simple black."



Cabo Jim

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Re: Seawing - Nova
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2009, 22:20:15 UTC »
I tested these fins about 2 weeks ago. I did 1 dive with a size Large ( I wear size 11.5 to 12 shoes). the fin was the most comfortable fin I have ever put on. Once  I got used to the fin. I found myself 30-40 ft ahead of the pack & had to keep stopping so my buddies could keep up. The trick is that I was just doing my regular kick! the fin is made is made of a composite that floats. I found that it made me slightly more buoyant.
I then did a second dive with an XL pair. These were too big for my foot. But still a lot more comfortable than the Scuba-pro Twin Fin max that I have using for the last year.
Bottom line, these fins are comfortable & very fast. My buddy was a life long devoted force fin diver until he tried these.


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Re: Seawing - Nova
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2010, 13:42:05 UTC »
I too, finally, had a chance to try these in the pool last night.
I found them to be very comfortable, easy to don, easy to
move around in and fast.  My kick cycle distance increased.
I too found them to be a little more buoyant, and made my
ankles work a bit more.
Over all, I like them as well.   


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