Author Topic: Solomons or Raja Ampat/Banda Sea - so many choices, what's a girl to do?  (Read 3907 times)


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I need to decide this week - which one - any suggestions?    

Liveaboard in late April 2009.

Solomons - aboard Spirit of Solomons - 13 days, 12 nights - boat is essentially empty.  I've always wanted to go here. The interaction with the locals sounds really interesting.


Raja Ampat/Banda Sea aboard MSV Seahorse -  10 nights, boat is PACKED.  I think the reason there are so many people, while similar trips in the areas are empty,  is the photo pro (Mark Strickland). I'm a wanna-be photographer so this has some appeal (although a packed boat and all those cameras is a bit disconcerning). 

I'd like to go somewhere I've never been.  Never been to either of these places - but I have been to Komodo and PNG.

Any suggestions?  Words of wisdom? 

I'd really appreciate your insights!

Terry Rickard

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I didn't see your message in time to respond, but would be interested to know which you chose, and when you get back, a report on your experiences.
Terry R


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