Author Topic: Tentative Camera Set Up | Suggestions Appreciated  (Read 5277 times)


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Tentative Camera Set Up | Suggestions Appreciated
« on: January 11, 2009, 00:24:12 UTC »
I am looking to upgrade to a new camera system for stills. My thinking is that the strobe and TTL exposure is key, so I'm considering an Ikelite case to go with the Ikelite strobe.

The tentative line up:
Canon EOS 40D
Ikelite Housing 6870.50
Ikelite Substobe DS 160 
Ikelite Strobe Package 4086.61 
It sounds like the strobe package includes everything I need in terms of an arm, battery charger, etc. Am I wrong? Is there some other must-have? I wasn't planning on getting extra ports at the point.

Am I placing too much importance on the strobe-housing connection? (A Canon housing would be less spendy.)

I'm guessing this set up will run about $5K. Anyone know of a better set up for less?

Any suggestions on -- or caveats about -- online vendors for this investment?

Many thanks for any feedback.



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Re: Tentative Camera Set Up | Suggestions Appreciated
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2009, 01:58:23 UTC »
MJ - this sounds great.  My dive buddy is getting ready to do the same thing, only he's going for the Canon 5D Mark II, but he's using the Ikelite D 160 & 100 on his camera.  He's more interested in seascape and wide angle, closed focus, so he's going to need more light.

As I get it, you're going to use an EV Manual control.  We had one of those and never really had much use for it.  We always found anything that relied on another flash for a signal was usually too slow to catch the "action" particularly underwater.

Are you using mostly for macro or WACF? 

You are NOT spending too much on the Ikelite - you will love it.  We had Canon housing and because you couldn't always see the seal (you can with Ikelite), it leaked, and yep - destroyed the camera - ugh!!!  It's a whole bad memory.  But we learned from it.  The Ikelite case is well worth the extra $$$ and you will never regret it.  Remember, unless you want to replace everything that's in the camera, go ahead and skimp on the housing.

I think online vendors are OK, but usually you can get just as good a deal with local stores.  I usually take the deal I get online into the store and see what you can get - they will come pretty close to matching it, and you'll save on shipping (which is usually what the taxes are), but the other side is that if you need tweaking with the camera or any sort of service or help with setting, they are more than happy to help you.  We got ours from Epperson's here, and Joel is not only the guy we've bought all the camera gear from, but also is a wealth of information on settings and all the various ways we can use the lenses and camera.

OK - guess that's from the "More than you want to know department" but it's my 2 cents!

Good luck and sounds like a real sweet set-up!


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Re: Tentative Camera Set Up | Suggestions Appreciated
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2009, 01:18:51 UTC »
 I would look at the Aquatica housings, I have found it very reliable and is easy to maintain as well as service. They are all mechanical controls so a limited number of tools are needed if you do run into any issues. They also have a moisture alarm for about $85.00, the housings are made from a solid block of aluminum with replaceable diodes to stop in any corrosion and all oring seal surfaces are easily accessible to clean. As with any housing it is all in being patient and taking the time to be thorough when cleaning the orings, greasing the orings and assembling the unit. If you have to rush your better leaving it home that day.


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Re: Tentative Camera Set Up | Suggestions Appreciated
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2009, 05:15:51 UTC »
Aluminum housings are worth the price.  They really hold up and do not leak.



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