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Hurricane Ike - Salt Cay.
« on: October 08, 2008, 10:58:20 UTC »
Salt Cay Divers in Salt Cay has reported they are open for business, and are hosting divers as early as Nov. 25th. They've been diving and the reefs fared well....a few purple fans broke, but nothing worse than that. They saw a HUGE grouper....and with food scarse on the island...they didn't tell where they saw it!  The Lion Fish were back as well.

The island is slowly returning back to normal.  The belongers homes are being reroofed right now and the community buildings will be next. And as mentioned before, the power is being restored and should be up and running within the month.

Salt Cay took a direct hit from Hurricane Ike, yet it was not declared a Disaster Area. The cost to rebuild the island has fallen into private hands. Many of the Ex-pats and other organizations sent ocean cargo containers with supplies within days of Hurricane Ike.   These containers cost a lot of money, and  the best way to help the island of Salt Cay is by sending your monetary donations to  There is a link to paypal on that site.  The money will be used to cover the expense of these cargo containers as well as provide more money to purchase additional supplies as needed.   Thanks in advance for your donations.

A lot of boats sunk during the Hurricane, but the Carolina Skiffs owned by Salt Cay Divers road out the storm intact.......COME ON DOWN, the reefs and walls are good......
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