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« on: September 12, 2008, 03:03:16 UTC »
We planning a trip to Tobago for mid November and were thinking about staying at Blue Waters since I've heard the diving is best on that part of the island.  But, I haven't heard many good things (including on undercurrent), so I'm trying to figure out if we should stay further south where there seems to be better resorts but I've heard the diving is not as good.  And I'm told that to stay on the south side and dive up north is an hour+ drive, which isn't very appealing.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks


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Re: Tobago
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2008, 13:26:48 UTC »
A few years back I was on a Peter Hughes boat in Tobago.  The better diving is in that quadrant of Tobago.  Spent several days after at Manta Lodge in Speyside, but did not dive any more.  Our crew of DM's hung with this dive op while on island and spoke well of them- I don't recall the op's name.  Manta lodge was decent- basic rooms reasonably priced.  Food was OK in the hotel and there are several restaurants in town.  Other than some debate about "included transportation"  up to Manta from our boat departure (it is a 1+ hour drive), they were overall very helpful and nice.  Another choice to stay would be Speyside Inn.  We ate a nice meal there and saw some of the rooms.  They had a couple of  cottages that looked a bit nicer than Manta plus they had a basic lodge like Manta's as well.  We did walk over to BWI and again, the rooms are all pretty much of the same quality.  It is kind of "rustic" up in Speyside.  I can't speak for any of the specific dive ops since we did not dive once back on island, other than to listen to our PHD DM's comments.  If I were to go back, of the three choices, Blue Waters being one, I think I would consider Speyside Inn as my first choice...  For sure I would urge you to stay up north if it is at all a dedicated dive trip- otherwise you are going to be facing major travel time by car or boat to get to the better dive sites on the island.  Yes, there is still plenty of good diving all around the island but the best is centered here.  That said, you are pretty remote up there.  You are near the national forest, waterfalls, etc with some outstanding birding, just not a lot of higher end hotels, restaurants, golf, etc found further south on the island.  Consider looking into a PHD live aboard- don't know if they are still there but that was a great way to go, plus some days on island made for a nice trip.  Consider a short stay on Trinidad to see the difference of islands, and even in the people. 


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Re: Tobago
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2008, 01:22:48 UTC »
We visited Tobago in May of 2006 and spent a week at Blue Waters Inn, diving with their in house dive operator, Aqua Marine Dive. Here's our experience.

We found diving around Speyside to be pretty darn good. We've not dived on the other end of the island. No serious currents during our visit. Viz was good though I've heard this varies a lot. . Corals/sponges in good condition. Plenty of fish life for my video fun. Dive boats are basic but the boat rides are typically short...maybe 5-10 minutes max. They come back to Blue Waters after every dive. Plenty of shade on board. 10-15 divers on a boat during our visit. Staff doesn't fall over themselves to help you but they are OK. You make up/take down/wash your own gear but everything's pretty close and convenient. We took our gear back to the room each day to let it dry thoroughly on our porch.

It is definitely a long ride from the airport to Blue Waters......1.5 hours as I recall. Pretty twisty road. You don't want to make that trip often. Not included in hotel rate. We hired a cab at the airport to take us there. It wasn't too expensive as I recall. I believe paying in US $ was no problem. Tobago didn't look like a fun place to be driving a rental car. DEFINITELY reserve the more expensive rooms at Blue Water. Their cheap rooms were terrible. The more expensive rooms were much roomier, newer, closer to the dive shop and have small kitchens though we didn't really use the kitchen. The A/C unit worked great!

Blue Waters diningroom was disappointing. I'd advise steer clear of any meal plan. On the other hand their bar was fun, casual and open air comfortable. Good bar food (sandwiches, burgers, fries, etc) available and reasonably priced. At least that was our experience. Although we did not try any restaurant in the modest town of Speyside, we heard there was at least one small local place that was pretty good. Can't help there.

Hope this helps.


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