Author Topic: want to dive COCOs for $100s  (Read 4375 times)


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want to dive COCOs for $100s
« on: September 10, 2008, 14:31:07 UTC »
Hi folks, PRETOMA is having a raffle for $100/ticket for a trip to Cocos island off Costa Rica. I went on their trip last year with UnderSea Hunter in Nov and we tagged 10 hammerheads and retrieved the datalogger receivers for servicing.  It was a mind blowing experience even got to tag a shark at the end when they had one tag left.  PRETOMA does shark research and is campaigning to end finning in Costa Rica.  The PRETOMA contact is Randall Arauz at

The raffle is being co-sponsored in the US by Turtle Island Restoration Network
URL for the raffle form is

The contact for Turtle Island Restoration Network is
Todd Steiner
415-663-8590 ext 103

The idea is to sell 100 raffle tickets so that half the money raised pays for the raffle winner's spot on the UnderSea Hunter the other half goes to purchasing more tags and receivers. If you have questions let me know....if you can support the saving of sharks please consider purchasing a raffle ticket your chances of winning are # of tickets purchased/100

Dive on....


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