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Inflator/regulator combo maintenance
« on: September 27, 2016, 17:25:03 UTC »
Hey guys, I am a pretty new diver and just bought my first set of gear.  I have a Diverite Transpac XT with the voyager wing and also the Diverite regulator. The question I have, is that I also bough a Tusa Duo-air inflator combo because I dont like having so many hoses. My question is what sort of maintenance concerns are there with having this type backup second stage. Obviously I dont really want water to get into the regulator, but every time i have rinsed the inside of a BCD is has involved allowing water to go thru the inflator hose, which seems like maybe not the best if i have the setup that I do.......any thoughts? I would be interested in hearing thoughts from others who use this type of setup for their back-up 2nd stages.

James Jenkins

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Re: Inflator/regulator combo maintenance
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2016, 13:18:14 UTC »
Rinse the combined gear just as you would the inflator and a separate Octo.  Don't worry about the water flowing out of the reg from the BC.  DO have the whole thing serviced as you would your first and second stage.  (Opinions vary on the frequency, so I'll leave that to you.  I do 100 - 200 dives a year and have my stuff serviced annually.)  Note:  nearly all staff at resorts and dive boats miss that the intake to the inflator (or inflator/octo) should be covered when immersing after it's removed from the tank and BC.  You should have a little rubber cover attached to the inflator hose where it can be placed over the intake fitting.


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