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Virgin Australia Airlines
« on: October 16, 2015, 11:02:43 UTC »
Just did a trip to Australia where a Dive shop did all the logistics.  We flew United from Los Angeles to Sydney and then had a flight from Sidney to Cairns.  This all went well, but on the return flight Virgin weighed our carry on baggage before we could check bags.  They have a 7 kilo limit.  Most airlines make exceptions for cameras, but not Virgin.  I was forced to put about $7000 worth of camera equipment in my dive bag which was well under their 55 lb. limit, but that made it 1.5 kilos over their checked limit, but was told not to worry about that.  A person from our group checked to see what was going on and I was allowed to put a 6.5 lb lens from my other camera bag into her carry on even though she had already gone through the check in line.  Her bag was never weighed.  Our other carry on that was also overweight somehow got forgot about

I made a point about how when we got to Australia all the carry ons went on the same plane with no problems.  It did not matter.  Rules are rules.  I've been all over the world with this same gear.  The only other time I've ever had a problem where my camera gear had to be checked was Vanuatu Air, and that was because their big plane was broke.  This puts Virgin Air in perspective for me.

This was my first flights on Virgin Air, and I will never use them again for any reason if possible.


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