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U N D E R C U R R E N T    O N L I N E    U P D A T E

April 20, 2005

May E-mail's Ocean Test

Last February, when we touted "Undercurrent" readers as the best-traveled divers in the world and said that they know their oceans, we were proven right: our photo contest had ten winners.

Here's your chance to prove it again. Identify the island on which this month's photo was taken. This time, if we have more than three winners, their names will be placed in a hat and we will draw names to see who will receive a free six-month print or online subscription to "Undercurrent."

E-mail your entry to

Answer to the March
E-mail's Ocean Test

Every ocean is different, from the color of the water to the size of the waves, every beach and shoreline unique. Undercurrent readers are among the best-traveled divers in the world, and they know their oceans.

Study this photo.

The first person to correctly name from what island this ocean photo was taken wins a six-month subscription to Undercurrent Online. If you are already an online member, your subscription will be extended for an additional six months.

Amazing! We received 10 correct answers with several naming not only the island, but the exact location! The correct answer is: The island of Kauai. The exact answer is: The Island of Kauai, North Shore, near Princeville, The Queen's Bath.

The Certified Diver's Handbook

This book has excellent diving information for everyone from beginners to Undercurrent subscribers. Long-time diver and writer Clay Coleman covers everything from diver lingo to wave action, and The Certified Diver's Handbook comes closer to putting it all between the covers of a single volume than any other effort we have seen. Humberto Fontova, author of The Helldiver's Rodeo, puts it this way: "From masks to valve regulators, from rip tides to thermoclines, from fireworms to sharks--Clay overlooks nothing! You've never been through such a comprehensive course." 384 pages; list price $22.95; order now and pay only $15.71. Click here to check out this and other dive-related books. All profits from our book sales go to protect the underwater realm.

Dive: The Ultimate Guide to 60 of the World’s Top Dive Locations

For starters, this 320-page book has more than 300 color photographs and maps, and references top more than 400 dives, all the way from North Carolina to Catalina, from Wakatobi to Uepi and Gizo in the Solomons, to Fiji, Yap and the incredible Aussie wreck of the Yongala. If you have heard of it, author Monty Halls has included it, with information on water temperature, visibility, specific dives and depths and critters, and a beginner-to-expert grading system. There’s information about recompression chambers and dive governing bodies, travel and accommodations, local culture, visa requirements, related web sites, and even airlines that Hall, in his years of leading travel groups worldwide, finds to be diver friendly. Currently only $19.97. Buy through Undercurrent and our profits will go to support coral reef protection worldwide.

My Underwater Photo Journey

Cathy Church’s how-to books and the numerous articles she’s published in Skin Diver over the years, along with her renowned underwater photo centre at Sunset House on Grand Cayman, have secured her place as a teacher of U/W photography. But her new large-format, hardbound book, My Underwater Photo Journey, exhibits Cathy Church the photographic artist. It’s a beautiful display of the U/W world as seen through her experienced eye. While the beauty of the photos is reason enough to put this book on your coffee table, there’s a bonus: an online site that allows you to access additional commentary and photo tips, making the book an excellent work of art that also instructs. Unfortunately, Hurricane Ivan seems to have set back the addition of some of the online information, so the web material is a work in process.

Click here to buy this book or check out other dive-related books. All profits from our book sales go to protect the underwater realm. 145 pages and 144 plates, including some excellent black and white photos, $39.95.

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