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U N D E R C U R R E N T    O N L I N E    U P D A T E

January 31, 2005

Free Undercurrent Pocket Knife

Become an Undercurrent Online member within the next five days (before February 6), and we will send you an Undercurrent pocket knife with blades, scissors — you name it. It's a free gift from us for trying out our online service, but the best part is you will have instant access to years of back issues and reader's reports on dive travel from around the world — all the information you need to make critical travel choices, find the off-the-beaten-path dive destinations no one else reports on, and stay up-to-date on dive safety and equipment issues. Sign in now and get your FREE Undercurrent pocket knife at:

Paints With the Fishes

In our last e-mail, we mentioned the French painter Jean–Mare Cadoret, who specializes in oil-on-canvas underwater paintings, some of which he says he actually paints while underwater.

Long-time "Undercurrent" reader Stanley Meltzoff wrote to tell us we did not have to look so far afield to find a painter who paints his canvases while underwater. Meltzoff, who is 87 and has been diving since 1949, says he still goes diving wherever he can find the fish he wants to paint. Check out his painting at:

Anemone Fishes and Their Host Anemones

Finding Nemo gave a lot of public exposure to clownfish, but savvy divers who really want to know their Nemos need a copy of the revised edition of "Anemone Fishes and Their Host Sea Anemones" by the renowned marine life authors Daphne G. Fautin and Gerald R. Allen. It’s written for all levels, from diver to aquarist to research scientist, and permits quick and accurate identification of the invertebrate hosts as well as the fishes through well-illustrated, easy-to-use keys and underwater photographs. 160 pages, 130 color pictures, and 300 illustrations.

Order the hardcover revised edition for $30. All of the profits from the sale of books go to help save coral reefs.

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