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Diving Reviews of Seasport Divers in Hawaii

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Average Overall Ratings
(over last 3 years)
(21 Reports)
For Experienced Divers:  4 stars For Inexperienced Divers:  4 stars
Underwater Photography:  2 stars Accommodations:  5 stars
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Also see the Hawaii Diving Guide for relevant articles, an overview, seasonal info, ... Here are all dive reviews filed by Undercurrent subscribers on dive operator Seasport Divers. You can read reports on all dive operators in Hawaii here or on other places here. Create your own personalized collection of Hawaii reports with our Mini Chapbook facility
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Seasport Divers [same]   Kauai/Niihau   Robert DeFeo   1000+  
1 stars  
5 stars  
Seasport Divers Ko'a Kea   Kauai   Kenneth Hylander   <100  
4 stars  
3 stars  
Seasport Divers Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club   Kauai   Don Jennings   1000+  
4 stars  
4 stars  
Seasport Divers n/a   Kaua'i and Ni'ihau   Bonnie MacKenzie   100+  
4 stars  
4 stars  
Seasport Divers n/a   Kauai   Bonnie MacKenzie   100+  
4 stars  
5 stars  
Seasport Divers Hyatt   Kauai & Ni'ihau   Peter Sterman   250+  
4 stars  
5 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report [same]   [N/A]   Andy Kenley   1000+  
3 stars  
5 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report Kuhio Shores Condo   Kauai   Marta J Arensberg   250+  
5 stars  
4 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report [same]   Kauai   Nathan Grover   100+  
3 stars  
3 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report [same]   Kauai   Sandra Walzer   <100  
4 stars  
2 stars  
SeaSport Divers - Poipu Full report [same]   Kauai   Marta Arensberg   100+  
1 stars  
5 stars  
SeaSport Divers - Poipu Full report n/a   Kauai   Marta Arensberg   100+  
5 stars  
5 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report Grand Hyatt   Ni'hau   Don Lipmanson   <100  
2 stars  
3 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report [same]   Kauai   Clayton Fuller   100+  
2 stars  
3 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report Poipus Location   Kauai   Marta Arensberg   <100  
3 stars  
4 stars  
Seasports Full report Poipu   Kauai   Roger Cole   <100  
3 stars  
4 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report [same]   Kauai/Poipu   Kelley Price   100+  
3 stars  
3 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report [same]   Kaua'i + Ni'ihau   Doug Ruby   100+  
3 stars  
4 stars  
SeaSport Divers Full report Kuhio Shores Condos   Kauai   Steven C Williams   <100  
4 stars  
3 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report [same]   Kauaii   Scott Page-Pagter   500+  
4 stars  
3 stars  
Seasport Divers Full report Embassy Resorts   Kauai South   Fred Zurbriggen   250+  
4 stars  
4 stars  
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